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agosto 27, 2013

One of the most interesting things for me to watch as a TARGIT Partner Account Manager is how far and wide Business Intelligence & Analytics software can be useful.

There are opportunities for businesses to use TARGIT in seemingly every vertical and in every department of every business. Next month, I’m going to be speaking at our Decision Day event about one particular TARGIT deployment and how it gets you six and a half miles up.

The Dublin Airport Authority is the organization tasked with managing the operations of two of the largest and busiest airports in Ireland: Dublin Airport and Cork Airport. Both airports have been using TARGIT Decision Suite to provide insights into their retail and distribution operations, reporting on stock levels, sales figures, and other typical retail-sector information. But Ray Cleary, BI manager for the DAA, said that the Decision Suite is now processing not just the amount of “stuff” in the airport, but the amount of people.

What times of day and what days of the week are the busiest for the security checkpoints at the airport? Which flights have the most late-arriving passengers? If there’s a special event, like a football match, coming up, how much does that affect the traffic through the airport?

Cleary said that TARGIT is now or will soon answer these questions for the DAA-managed airports, allowing a more efficient and informed response to changing circumstances within the airports. If the queues to the security checkpoint begin to back up, Cleary said his team could deploy more personnel to ensure passengers get to their gates on time. And Cleary can use the analyses within Decision Suite to pinpoint the reason behind long queues and make plans to avoid that situation in the future.

Additionally, Cleary said he used the Storyboard tool within Decision Suite to keep a constant look at various conditions within the airports.

With TARGIT, the DAA can operate not just the retail locations within their airports, but the airports themselves. TARGIT isn’t just for distribution of retail assets; it can also work effectively for distribution of manpower and resources.

I’ll be talking with Ray about how else he uses the Decision Suite and how the technology gives him the courage to act at Decision Day. Ray will outline some of the KPIs he uses to inform his decisions, discuss how he’s turned reporting into a time and energy-saver, and identify the top three ways TARGIT has made the Dublin and Cork airports run more smoothly. 

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Mikkel Oldenburg

Senior Sales Manager & & Airport Forecasting Expert
Almost thirteen years of working with TARGIT partners and customers has given me a clear vision of the benefits of business intelligence and analytics within organizations and specific airports worldwide: Improve the entire experience for passengers and airlines from curb to gate by putting real-time access to critical KPIs into the hands of your airport management. I..
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