A Week of our Favorite Tweets: Microsoft Convergence

marzo 13, 2014

A huge part of Microsoft Convergence 2014 was making and strengthening connections - with partners, customers, and prospects. We loved having the opportunity to spend some quality face time with the names and companies we so often work with, and everyone boarded the plane at the end of the week inspired and energized about the work we do at TARGIT to give businesses around the world the courage to act.

Connecting, communicating, and engaging is kind of our thing. And we were busy last week. We thought we’d share some of last week’s buzz around TARGIT, so you can see what those who visited our booth or saw Dr. Morton’s presentation thought of the TARGIT Decision Suite.

And be sure to join in on the conversation. Get at us with @TARGIT or #TARGIT on twitter and follow us on Facebook for all the latest and greatest.

@joepine Mar 07: How true! Thx RT @SSchnedler: “@TARGIT: "Experiences are the new currency. #conv14 #TARGIT” the experience is the marketing @joepine

@DaveCarleton Mar 07: Getting ready to have some FUN @ #CONV14 with #TARGIT partners

@Lili_LV_US Mar 07: I got to check out @TARGIT

@DaveCarleton Mar 07: Based on numerous conversations with #TARGIT at #CONV14 I believe many will have the #CourageToACT in the near future

@DailyNjogu Mar 07: @dr_morton salute to you and the team at #TARGIT great stuff at #CONV14

@DaveCarleton Mar 07: Shout out to the best team #TARGIT at #CONV14

@SSchnedler Mar 06: “@TARGIT: Creativity is a renewable resource - @biz #conv14 #TARGIT” creativity is sustainable energy to a meaningful life

@JetReports Mar 06: We're joining forces w/ @TARGIT to better serve the #MSDYNAX community with a combined #BI solutions. Get details:

@KimarieWolf Mar 06: @TARGIT thanks for the cool Targit backpack! You rock!

@davidgsolutions Mar 06: @TARGIT @biz Well said. Need to make it as easy for people to do what they do best. With the right tools, this can be accomplished.

@LennyLionCEO Mar 06: I don't always drink beer. But when I do, it's at #TARGIT booth 2421. #CONV14

@DaveCarleton Mar 06: My 17th #CONV14 and loving it! Lots of great connections with #TARGIT.

@RadleyAX Mar 05: Press Release at #conv14 @TARGIT and @RadleyAX partnership announced! Check it out…

@ofcloudpeople Mar 05:@TARGIT compliments on consistency and quality of your communications.

@OmniVue Mar 05: @TARGIT is happening!!

@DataCubeGH Mar 04: its booth 2421 people, at #CONV14..Go experience @TARGIT firsthand. Enjoy!

@ljhigby Mar 05: Thank you Dr. Morton, XBones was freaking awesome. #CONV14 #targit

@jimboshoe Mar 05: Targit just woke me up!! Very impressive! #CONV14 #targit

@TARGIT Mar 05: Opportunity can be manufactured. You don't have to wait for it. - @biz #conv14 #TARGIT

@MartdeMontigny Mar 05: Very inspiring presentation; guidelines for the future from @dr_morton #FactBeatFear #Conv14 #Targit

@LennyLionCEO Mar 05: I can't wait to sink my claws into @dr_morton's #CONV14 session. 12:30, room A312. See you there #TARGIT friends!

@dr_morton Mar 05: Scientific: How To Use Intuition To Get Ahead… My intuition says #Conv14 #TARGIT talk at 12:30pm will be #AWESOME! ;-)

@LennyLionCEO Mar 05: I was stalking by #CONV14 booth 2421 all day @GitteSandlykke ! Hard to stay away from #TARGIT when the snack station is right next to you...

@GitteSandlykke Mar 04: Ready for the action at Microsoft Convergence 2014 #TARGIT #Conv14

@MPejstrup Mar 03: The #TARGIT marketing team has done it again. The new face-lifted website looks #awesome! Way to start #CONV14...!

@GitteSandlykke Mar 03: 13 years ago, the first #TARGIT US office was opened in #Atlanta - today I'm heading there for #conv14

@bakjakob Mar 03: Hope everyone in team #TARGIT will have a great #conv14 in #atlanta!

@lfleitas2013 Mar 02: Landed at Atlanta! Ready for #CONV14 with #TARGIT!

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Missed Convergence? You can catch up more on what TARGIT was up to with our wrap ups of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

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