The "But" of Data

marzo 10, 2014

I have spent more than three decades helping Manufactures and Distributors collect data. Over the years, that’s been thousands of companies and petabytes - maybe even exabytes - of data.

Did it make a difference? Yes but …

Yes, we moved inventory through the shop floor. Yes, we got the “right products to the right customer at the right time.” But there was always a “but.”

What were companies doing with the data after it was collected?

In most cases, not much. Invoices were cut, cash was received, and business was getting by. But how could the data be used to change the industry?

The answer was right there for years: Business Intelligence.

So I started to see how this technology could change and improve the way companies approached decision-making using data. I researched over a dozen solutions on the market. I Googled, I scoured company websites, and I listened to valued researchers.

What I typically found was a very impressive set of features. One would excel in one, one would lack something, and some would stand out in entire areas. But it wasn’t until I came across a visionary by the name of Morten Middelfart that I truly “got it.”

“Courage to Act” is a principle that permeates Dr. Morton’s messaging. It’s not just about technology, but how we understand the number crunching power of computers and the ability of the human brain to make decisions when the truth is presented in a concise and logical fashion.

That’s when I understood data was not to be collected to be stored, but used to make decisions.

So I thought my journey had ended. But a funny thing happened on the way to the dance. I was asked to use my decades of experience collecting data and turn it into helping companies have the #CouragetoAct.

And I’m going to tell you all about it here on the TARGIT blog. Stay tuned.

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Dave Carleton

Account Executive at InterDyn BMI
I've spent the past three decades providing business solutions to the Manufacturing and Distributions industries. My specialties include program development, marketing, and sales with an education in accounting. Before beginning my role of Account Executive at InterDyn BMI, I served as the Practice Director for Manufacturing and Distribution at TARGIT. Before t..
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