TARGIT Officially Launches Operations in Mexico

mayo 05, 2014

TARGIT celebrates Cinco de Mayo with sombreros, cervezas, and the official launch of our Mexico operations.

When TARGIT set out to show the world how Business Intelligence and Analytics can empower companies to make better decisions faster, easier, and with more comprehensive knowledge than ever before, we meant the whole world. And we've been doing just that. Besides growing our offices at our headquarters in Denmark, Tampa (FL), and Boston, we've expanded our reach in Latin America. Today, we officially launched operations in Mexico with three new partnerships right off the bat.

In 2011, we launched our first Latin American initiative when we closed a distribution contract with PA Latinoamericana in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Today, TARGIT has over 300 clients in the region. It's no secret that the Brazilian economy is booming today. The country is rich in raw materials and, with the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics quickly approaching, there's been progressive infrastructure development. And more and more of these growing companies are looking to TARGIT to help them better manage their data and discover the data that will further help them run more efficiently, effectively, and intelligently. 

TARGIT's reputation has also grown among potential partners in Colombia, Peru, and Chile. With solid footing in South America, we're turning our focus north to Mexico. I'm excited to report that we've already secured a number of new partners who bring in huge names in Mexican business, such as Coca-Cola, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, and Nissin Foods. And we have even more potential partners in the pipeline.

My colleague, Luciana Paiva was at Convergence 2014 in Atlanta in early March, where she had the opportunity to talk with many of these new and potential partners, as well as our North American and European TARGIT colleagues. And the common theme was this: TARGIT is growing faster than ever. Luciana is in Mexico this week to assist with TARGIT University training and to help operations hit the ground running. As an added bonus, she'll be stopping by the Danish Ambassador's home to catch her up on one of Denmark's most successful global companies. Ahem ... that's us.

For more information on our Latin American Expansion, you can read the press release on the TARGIT website. And if you'd like to see what it means to be a TARGIT partner or reseller, visit our partner page.

Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

Content Marketing Manager
A professional writer, communicator, and marketer by trade, I'm fascinated by the way data - and in particular big data - is changing the way companies do business. As Content Marketing Manager for TARGIT I tackle this topic and many others in my mission to expand TARGIT's footprint and show the world exactly what it means when you have TARGIT in your tool box. I..
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