Your Must Have Decision Day Pre-Conference Checklist

septiembre 18, 2014

Everything you need to know to ensure the best Decision Day 2014 experience.
We've been hard at work for months nailing down the details to ensure Decision Day 2014 is TARGIT's best event ever. From the sessions and workshops to the meals and entertainment, we've been prepping and planning, dotting our I's and crossing our T's.

We know though, that no matter what the planners put into making an event perfect, it's also of the utmost importance that our guests have everything they need before they step foot in the conference to ensure a fantastic few days. Of course there's the necessities that every traveler has on their usual checklist: passport, wallet, reading material, etc. But there's a few things that can make or break a conference experience that might not come up on a typical trip. That's why we've put together this handly pre-Decision Day checklist for you as you pack your bags for Copenhagen.

1. Address, directions, map, go!

Knowing where the hotel is located as well as having access to a map of the neighborhood will make your trip to Copenhagen as smooth as possible. The Bella Sky Comwell Hotel -- located at Center Boulevard 5, 2300 København S -- is just a 10 minute taxi drive from Copenhagen Airport (estimated price: DKK 150-200). The hotel also offers a free airport shuttle service which operates from 6:00 to 23:00. The shuttle bus leaves every 30 minutes. The hotel is just 8 km from all the action of Copenhagen city centre. Direct connections by both Metro and bus are just 100 metres from the hotel.

More information for traveling to the Bella Sky Comwell, including driving, can be found here. And here's a map. You can find all of this on the Decision Day travel page.

2. Are you ready for Copenhagen weather?

Many of our European participants have packing for Denmark down pat, but if you're coming from a warmer climate in parts of the U.S. or South America, make sure you pack plenty of warm clothes. Late September days are typically around 15 degrees Celsius, and the nights can get as low as 8 degrees. With a pair of pants, sweater, and a light jacket, this makes for some pleasant weather. This is what I call perfect layering weather. Europe on average often does not utilize air conditioning as strongly the Americas, so it might get warmer (or cooler) than you'd expect inside the hotel. You'll want to be able to grab a layer or two any time you head outdoors though.

3. Electronics alert: Laptop, phone, chargers

You'll definitely want your laptop with you at Decision Day for taking notes in many of the sessions and it's a must-have for the Workshops. These two days are going to be jam-packed with lessons in leadership and problem solving, as well as a myriad of tips, tricks, hacks, and best practices for making the most of TARGIT Decision Suite. I feel like a lost soul when I walk out of the house without my cellphone, so I can't imagine leaving the country without it. And, of course, your chargers for any and all electronic devices that will be coming with you. This is an obvious one on the check list, but if I had a dollar for every time I opened my suitcase and realized I forgot my charger for my laptop or phone … we'll I'd have a lot more dollars than I do right now.

4. Bring your business cards

Decision Day is a priceless opportunity to spend some quality face time with other TARGIT users, TARGIT partners, and TARGIT specialists. It's always a good idea to come prepared with a stack of business cards to hand out for easy networking and future communication. At TARGIT, we even print our own business cards with our professional headshots right next to our contact information to make the whole name/face thing as easy as possible. When you're shaking hands with dozens of new people a day, we know how tricky that recall can be at the end of the long day.

5. Finalize your schedule

There's an array of great options for packing your day with educational sessions and workshops. Each session specializes in different TARGIT skill levels, user roles, and company profiles, so it's guaranteed there's something for you. You can check out the Decision Day schedule here. We hope you're staying for Day 2 of Decision Day and getting your hands dirty at the Deep Dive BI Workshops. Just like Decision Day, this second day of hands-on learning, demonstrations, and group problem solving was designed with every TARGIT user in mind. So no matter your software skill level or business role, the right class is waiting for you. You can see the Workshop schedule here.

6. Complete the pre-Decision Day questionnaire

By letting us know ahead of time if you'll be attending the dinner and the Deep Dive Workshops, you help us keep our financial and ecological footprint smaller and ensure we can plan a fantastic learning experience for you and others. We greatly appreciate your participation in this very quick survey. We promise it'll only take a minute.

Take the survey here.

Happy packing! We'll see you in Copenhagen!

Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

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