Dublin Airport Authority Takes Off with TARGIT

noviembre 05, 2014

We've all been there (in my case, PLENTY of times). For one reason or another you're running late for your flight. But as we all know, getting yourself to the airport before your plane takes off is only half the battle of actually getting into your seat. There are two very different scenarios that can unfold when you enter the whooshing doors of the airport.

In one case, your progression towards that very valuable seat on the plane is blocked by long, slow-moving lines of other inpatient travelers. Those precious seconds tick away as you sweat and stress and, ultimately, miss your flight.

Or maybe you get lucky and after a frantic run to your gate after you FINALLY make it through, you make it to the plane before takeoff, sweating, panting, and completely discombobulated. And yes, I speak from experience. A lot of it.


But then there's the other case. Maybe you'll get lucky and find short lines at baggage check and a quickly moving security line. You swiftly move through the X-rays and make it to your gate in time to board with all the other passengers. Heck, maybe you even have time to grab a bottle of water and pack of gum at a terminal shop. It doesn't happen often … unless you're at the Dublin Airport.

In 2010, Dublin Airport Authority adopted the TARGIT Decision Suite to help them better manage their duty free retail shops. They were so impressed with the comprehensive view of the business, that by 2013 they had implemented TARGIT in their carparks and general airport operations. Today, they have greater insight into the millions of moving pieces of overall airport operations, and continue to improve the efficiency and customer experience every day with actionable data.

This is what a typical experience at the Dublin Airport looks like now: You approach the gates, scan your ticket at a security point, and the gates automatically swing open for you. If something is off with your ticket or timing, you're redirected to an airport official.

While you wait in line for the X-ray, an airport measurement system tracks your cell phone's location to monitor how long you've been waiting in one particular area. If the waiting time is longer than airport efficiency benchmarks, managers are alerted in real-time on their TARGIT storyboards and can send employees from a slower terminal to open another X-ray line in a busy section immediately.

Since data is updated every two minutes in the TARGIT system, administrators and managers know they are always looking at the most up-to-date information on passenger movement, overall volume, and employee efficiency. The system delivers reports to managers on passenger volume broken down by the minute, so managers can always plan ahead for the busiest days of the week and busiest hours of the day to ensure the airport is staffed optimally and passengers move through to their gates as quickly as possible. Today, Dublin Airport Authority is able to do this with an average of 97 percent accuracy. 

When employees want to drill down into a particular number for greater detail -- such as what days of the week most people travel from Ireland to, say, France -- they do so with a single mouse click. In the past, this required hours of coding by the IT department. Such a comprehensive overview gives operations managers direct insight into the exact routes that Dublin Airport is gaining and losing passengers. This helps them analyze the market, find out why, and correct whatever needs to be corrected.

In this video from Decision Day 2014 in Copenhagen, BI Manager Ray Cleary and BI Technical Manager Gerry McCullough from Dublin Airport Authority talk about why they rely on the TARGIT Decision Suite and pull up some of their own TARGIT Storyboards to show exactly how they're able to plan for the millions of people that pass through the airport doors every week.

Watch the video for inspiration on how you can use TARGIT to optimize your company's processes.

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