What are the most popular Christmas gifts of 2014?

diciembre 23, 2014

There were a few choice toys that stood out from the competition this year. Whether you were on Santa's Naughty or Nice List depends on if you'll get them.

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. That edict doesn't always hold true, but when it comes to this holiday season, spikes in toy sales show you exactly what's on everyone's holiday Wish List. Curious as to what was flying off the toy store shelves this year, I took to TARGIT and pulled in some ad-hoc data from the National Retail Federation to create a dashboard to quickly and easily display the top toy trends for the 2014 holiday season. And being as the data has shown that most of you will be doing some last minute Christmas shopping, you've come to the right spot for some 11th hour suggestions for under your Christmas tree.

Let's start with this year's most popular gifts. As has been the long-time trend, LEGO toys are the most popular toys for boys this year by far. It's not too surprising that boys also love their cars and trucks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, video games, and Hot Wheels.

As for the girls, (if you have a child right now it will come as no surprise that) Disney's "Frozen" toys took the top spot. These were followed by Barbie, with other dolls, "Monster High" toys, and American Girl dolls and accessories following in greater distances.

When it came to paying for these holiday gifts, there were a significant uptick in those who used credit cards. Debit cards and cash use have gone down since last Christmas, and checks have continued their steady nine-year-decline. Turns out cash doesn't seem to be king in 2014.

As I mentioned above, our Key Holiday metrics tells us that most of you will be scrambling for some last minute holiday shopping this year, still hitting retail stores this week. Those who don't care to fight the crowds and parking lots of shopping centers and malls will finish their holiday shopping online. And as always, retailers everywhere will see a boost in sales this season.

Did you finish your holiday shopping yet? What are you waiting for?!

Happy holidays from everyone at TARGIT!


Luis Fleitas

Lead Generation Manager at Carbonite
An Industrial Engineer with a passion for Marketing.  I enjoy understanding manufacturing and supply chain processes and ways of improving them through better data mining and analysis, ultimately finding those insights that could take businesses to the next level. I have extensive experience with TARGIT Decision Suite, and a passion for a data-driven way of life...
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