TARGIT Hack: Create a Top List with Hidden Members

enero 20, 2015

Learn to produce a full Top List that is influenced by a second visibility condition.
What if you wanted to use the Top List functionality to produce a Top 10 list based on measure 1, and then afterwards hide a number of these members based on conditions of measure 2? You'd end up with a Top Ten list with less than 10 members.

This particular example has been well documented on the TARGIT user forum, originating from a TARGIT end-user who was looking for help in creating a very specific Top 20 list.

The end user was working with a cross tab that shows a number of customers as well as revenue and profit margin. In her list, you can see that it's important to sort the data by the profit margin column. The end user is trying to add a standard Top 20 List based on the profit margin column. She's figured out how to create the Top 20 List, but gets stuck when additional conditions apply. For example, she only wants customers with revenue above 150,000 to be included in the list. The rest should be hidden.

This eliminates eight members from her current list, and it's now a Top 20 list with only 12 members. She wants the solution to automatically add the next ranking salesperson with revenue above 150,000 to the Top 20 list whenever one is bumped from the original.

I have the solution, and show you how to produce a Top List that retains the required number of members to the list by adding new members to the list if some of the original members are hidden, in the TARGIT eLearning series, Ole's Tips and Tricks. Check out the hack: Create Top Lists with Hidden Members today to brush up or learn some new TARGIT skills.


Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University
Certified TARGIT Specialist and Professional, at your service. When I joined TARGIT in 2003 it was with the ambition of becoming the TARGIT Expert. Since then, many years of responsibility for TARGIT University and exposure to solutions for thousands of customer and their challenges have helped me in fulfilling that ambition.  Since taking over TARGIT University..
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