Data Visualization of the Super Bowl

enero 28, 2015

We wanted to know the numbers and other pressing questions leading up to Super Bowl XLIX.
It's no secret that Americans love football. And yes, with an office full of Europeans (and one South American ... ahem ... me) we know the difference between football and football football. We're not talking soccer. We're talking old fashioned American pig skin.

With the biggest football event of the year -- Super Bowl XLIX -- taking place this weekend, we wanted to dig a little deeper to see just what gets Americans all riled up about one of the most watched games.

Just like we did for Halloween, we took to TARGIT Data Service to import some interesting data sets from the National Retail Federation and Statista and create a data visualization to show how the Super Bowl shakes out every year. We wanted to know how many people are watching, what they're spending their money on, and what they're most excited about every Super Bowl.

It turns out, Americans not only love watching football, they also love spending money on football. And football itself isn't the only thing that viewers are tuning in for.

Check out the interactive dashboard below to get all the answers to your burning Super Bowl questions. 

In this data visualization you can:

  • Click on any gauge for a more detailed view of the Super Bowl-related spending habits and activities.
  • Click on any year to see what the numbers were for that particular year. To get back to all years, just click on the white space.
  • See the worst and best years for Super Bowl spending and fun (just like Halloween, the Super Bowl also took a dive during the worst years of the recession).
  • And more ...
Go ahead and click your way through the bar graph and watch the gauges change based on the data recorded for that particular year. When you want to get back to the original dashboard, just click the big foam fingers that says, "Take me back." 

For a bigger view, open in a full window.

Luis Fleitas

Lead Generation Manager at Carbonite
An Industrial Engineer with a passion for Marketing.  I enjoy understanding manufacturing and supply chain processes and ways of improving them through better data mining and analysis, ultimately finding those insights that could take businesses to the next level. I have extensive experience with TARGIT Decision Suite, and a passion for a data-driven way of life...
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