The Retailer's Guide to Increased Customer Loyalty

enero 08, 2015

Increase your touch points to increase your sales.

Competing with today's world class retail outlets doesn't just mean superior product and expert staffing. The top retailers in the game know in order to be successful and stay ahead of the competition, the goal is to increase customer loyalty. To do so, there must be consistent communication with customers. That means having touch points across multiple channels; getting in front of customer wherever and whenever, and learning from those interactions. In other words, omni-channel marketing.

The first step in increasing loyalty then, is to define the "perfect customer." Who is this person? Working mothers; housewives; sports-crazed men; outdoor enthusiasts; world travelers? What age range is the target? Children; 25-34; 45-54? Figuring out who they are and how they spend their free time will help you speak their language and get in front of them in their daily lives.

Brand touch points with customers should be constant and consistent. Depending on the audience, that could mean social media, direct mail, mobile apps, e-newsletters, loyalty clubs, and advertising. Not to mention the actual purchasing that's happening online and in brick and mortar stores.


Multiple touch points across multiple channels serves three important purposes:

  1. 1. Increasing the likelihood of your message reaching and-this is key in today's world of high stimulation and low attention spans-being absorbed by its intended audience at least once with the goal of multiple meaningful interactions.
  2. Gaining access to valuable customer data that helps you get to know your customers better.
  3. 3. Increasing sales.
The more insight you have on your ideal customer, the better you're able to target those touch point campaigns. This customer data also gives insight into their buying behavior. What, for example, are customers buying online as opposed to in stores? This knowledge helps better shape campaigns such as targeted newsletters and discount opportunities. 

And, as we know, a successful campaign hits the goal of increasing traffic online and in stores, thus increasing sales. The right campaign not only increase foot (or web) traffic, but it increases basket size. Compared to getting the customer in front of you, upselling is the easy part. And, fortunately for you, gathering and analyzing the data needed to create the perfect marketing campaign is the easiest of all with the right comprehensive business intelligence and analytics platform.

Not only will you gain insight into which campaigns were most popular, but you can drill down into clicks, locations, and resulting actions from those who interact with your brand in any way online. 

Your customers are out there, leaving a treasure trove of data as breadcrumbs everywhere they interact online. BI for retail gathers those breadcrumbs from every user who interacts with your touch points online and delivers actionable data clearly and concisely. The right insight is the key to unlocking customer loyalty and increased business.

Take a look at how retail companies around the world are utilizing BI to help them better track their customer interactions and increase loyalty.

Martin Sørensen

Sales Manager
Almost nine years of working with TARGIT partners and customers has given me a clear vision of the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics within organizations worldwide. In particular I have a passion for retail, and have followed closely the dramatic changes in the business during the past nine years, where business intelligence and analytics are being a mor..
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