julio 28, 2016

TARGIT’s updated Data Discovery module enhances the power to import and analyze external data sets into your TARGIT Decision Suite solution. This add-on -- which you'll see in a quick video demo at the end of this post -- comes standard with a range of out-of-the-box connections to data sources including Hadoop, oData, Quandl, Microsoft Azure Data Market, and SQL Server, as well as external data sources such as Google trends, Facebook, weather data, and so many more.

In addition to connected to databases and web services, users can also pull in flat files such as Excel and CSV, then mash them up together or with data already in the data warehouse. And TARGIT’s own in-memory database option provides blisteringly fast speeds for querying and analyzing when working with large external data sets for enterprise solutions.

Now, the possibilities for importing, mashing up, and analyzing data are nearly infinite. 

One of the data sources available out-of-the-box with TARGIT Data Discovery is This platform provides unlimited access to data published on websites. Together with company data already in your data warehouse, this tool brings an entirely new level of proactive strategic power to organizations when analyzed within TARGIT Decision Suite.

Here's a few of the reasons why is awesome:
  • no coding required
  • super fast access to an unlimited amount of web data
  • real-time data
  • simple to monitor anything and everything from your competitors
  • a piece of cake to connect to TARGIT Decision Suite 


Let’s say you’re the store manager of a popular retail chain that specializes in business casual and formal attire. You have a few major competitors in the marketplace overall and for particular items. You’re often coming up against one store for dresses, another for pants, and a third for menswear. 

Business is typically steady, unless one of your competitors has a sale. Unfortunately, you usually seem to realize this after your customers do. Meaning your sales have already decreased by the time you realize something has changed.

But with in your business intelligence toolbox, you can monitor all of your competitors’ pricing, product information, and more straight from their websites. Here’s your new reality when you combine the power of with BI: TARGIT Decision Suite imports pricing and sale data from each of your competitors every few hours. Data is automatically loaded into a report and combined with the pricing and sale data for your company and delivered to your inbox.

You’ve set the TARGIT notification agents to alert you immediately if anything has changed. So when your main competitor for menswear lowers the price of their shorts for a summer sale, you automatically get an alert to your desktop or mobile device and know it’s happened even before most consumers. You can immediately adjust your own pricing before your competitors’ action affects your own bottom line. 

With a comprehensive overview of your most important leading indicators, you’re never left acting reactively, and you always have a pulse on what’s happening in the market and how it will affect your business. And you can analyze lagging indicators to see how your and your competitors’ campaigns have affected your company sales over time. Mash up and compare data by product, competitor, or time period. 

And isn't just for retail. lets you extract data from literally any business that has data available on their website. Travel, nonprofits, sports, gaming, government, public services, media. You name it, you have access to it. The world -- er ... web -- is your oyster with and TARGIT Decision Suite. 

Sounds pretty good, right? In this video I'll show you how easy it is to extract and analyze it with BI:

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of data available to analyze? Not sure where to start or what's most important? We hear you. That's why we put together this guide: the Metrics That Matter. It walks you through the difference between leading and lagging indicators and helps you determine which KPIs are most critical for your company. 

Mikkel Oldenburg

Senior Sales Manager & & Airport Forecasting Expert
Almost thirteen years of working with TARGIT partners and customers has given me a clear vision of the benefits of business intelligence and analytics within organizations and specific airports worldwide: Improve the entire experience for passengers and airlines from curb to gate by putting real-time access to critical KPIs into the hands of your airport management. I..
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