TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 Feature Peek: Data Discovery Unlimited

octubre 14, 2016

One of the most popular toolsets of TARGIT Decision Suite is the Data Discovery module. When we first introduced this tool in 2015, users flipped over the ability to integrate and mashup data from data sources outside the data warehouse and outside the organization. The Data Discovery module opened up access to a virtually unlimited number of data sources through an intuitive user interface that was built for business users, without the need for any SQL or programming skills.

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As an increasing number of companies of all sizes adopted the tool though, we knew there was an improvement we wanted to make. The engine powering TARGIT Decision Suite ad-hoc querying and data discovery had a 2GB mashup limitation. Anything beyond that would cause a major slow down.

So we immediately set about making TARGIT Data Discovery enterprise-worthy. In this newest release, TARGIT Decision Suite 2017’s Data Discovery module, powered by the new TARGIT InMemory, makes agile data integration from an abundance of data sources connections blazingly fast for enterprise-level data discovery and mashup. With a capacity of 240GB, we’ve yet to encounter any type of data set that can’t be integrated into TARGIT Decision Suite in seconds. Even a billion rows of data. Yes, we tested a BILLION rows of data.

The need for speed has been realized in a big way in this newest version. TARGIT Data Discovery connects directly to a wide range of data sources right out of the box including Hadoop, oData, Quandl, Microsoft Azure Data Market, and SQL Server, as well as external data sources such as Google trends, Facebook, weather data, and so many more.

Why is this a big deal?

For starters, this tool is all about putting the power of fact-based decision-making in the hands of as many people as possible throughout the organization, no matter their level of IT skill. We’ve eliminated the IT bottleneck caused by business users who want to follow a hunch about a particular data set outside the current data warehouse, but don’t have the skills to integrate the data themselves. Now they do.

This also opens up the ability to experiment and hypothesize to a whole new level. Combine internal revenue data with industry revenue data to see if they're gaining market. Use weather and traffic data to see potential correlations with business performance. Examine population density in certain areas to select locations of new retail outlets. I could go on all day.

The bimodal BI environment is all about fostering this way of thinking and problem-solving. Users have been able to do this for some time now with TARGIT Decision Suite, but the incredible boost of speed thanks to TARGIT InMemory on the back-end quite literally makes the possibilities limitless.

This short video shows how easy it is to import data from a data source—in this case, we’re looking at external web data from—and get analyzing right away in TARGIT Decision Suite.

Welcome to a world of unlimited data discovery. See more of the many great features of TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 and be sure to register for the launch webinar on October 27

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