New Power for TARGIT Decision Suite

abril 18, 2017

A host of new features are coming to TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 with our latest software update. We’re improving the user experience with new features for both Windows and Anywhere clients and hosting a webinar to give you a crash course in how they’ll add power to your entire analytics experience. Register here.

Below is a description of what you get with TARGIT Decision Suite’s Upgrade 3.

Updates for Windows

Improved Designer Experience

We’ve improved the analysis layout for easier handling. The snap-to-grid option has a dynamic grid size specified in each analysis. This makes it significantly easier to align your objects. We’ve also added the option to see the size (in units) when resizing an object. We wanted to improve the experience of aligning objects and distributing new objects evenly aligned with existing ones.

You can also now set the target display device for better viewing. Set the resolution for the work area to design for specific devices such as iOS or Windows. The ribbon now contains a number of devices that you can select to specifically proportion the dashboard for each device in a single click.

New and Improved Charts

The new menu object lets you create your own buttons, images, and text to improve navigation between documents. Menus can be saved within files for easy reuse and exchange of content. This also adds a new level of security, since access to the menu files can now be controlled in TARGIT’s role system. Overall, navigation between documents is significantly improved and easier to set up.

All charts with axes in the Windows client also now come with the option of selecting members via rectangular selection.

Administration and Governance

TARGIT Decision Suite is now a true cloud solution with SSL security. We’ve added SSL security to the communication between client and server. This ensures users have full security when migrating the server to the cloud.

The new relational data model editor has been rewritten for better look and performance. 

Updates for iOS and Android

We’ve improved the notifications for both iOS and Android. Other improvements for both clients include better support for the menu object and a new bookmark feature to replace Favorites and Mobility. This feature is also available for the Windows and Anywhere clients.

For iOS

You can now display popular documents across all users. Users can add, remove, and move pinned folders right from their phone or tablet. URL actions have been added. And sorting on crosstabs columns has been added.

For Android only

We’ve added measure selector to Android capabilities. The new feature is called “search-only in criteria bar.” This changes a selector so users can only search for a member, as opposed to the entire list of members. For the first time, users can enable fingerprint reader for device ownership verification. We’ve also added support for Android 7 multi-windows mode. Headers in crosstabs now look and stick when scrolling through content. And finally, users can open a file directly from a link in an email.

A few of these features, particularly for the Android improvements, have already quietly been rolled out. If you haven’t already updated, now is the perfect time to do so.

Don’t forget to tune in to the upcoming webinar to learn more about these features and other new additions to TARGIT Decision Suite capabilities, and how to best use them to improve your overall user experience.


Jakob Bak

Usability & Apps Manager
I'm fascinated by human-computer interaction and especially the cognitive aspect of developing user-friendly software. As Usability & Apps Manager at TARGIT, I have a direct hand in developing and building some of the most exciting new add-ons coming out of TARGIT today.I've been working in software usability for the past 12 years. And for the last seven, I've bee..
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