Celebrating One Year with CDK Global

julio 08, 2018

Over the past year, 12 new customers in the heavy equipment industry have added TARGIT Decision Suite on top of CDK intellidealer™. We had high hopes for the expansion of TARGIT’s services and reach among equipment dealerships when we first entered into the partnership with CDK Global one year ago. Since then, the premier provider of Dealer Management System (DMS) software for the construction and agriculture equipment industries has been working closely with us to provide the best user experience for all the dealerships adopting our reporting and analytics solution. 

We are happy to introduce TARGIT BI Accelerator (BIA) for CDK IntelliDealer. Built to deploy seamlessly with IntelliDealer, the BIA allows dealerships to not only see “the big picture” but also to drill down, analyze and report on individual business areas. CDK’s wealth of industry expertise combined with our business intelligence knowledge made possible to offer an out-of-the-box solution for IntelliDealer users, making the reporting and sharing of information a seamless task for dealerships across North America. 

The BIA ships with an end-to-end implementation software, extracting and building an analytical and reporting database from IntelliDealer onto a high-performing in-memory database. What is the result? Twenty-six pre-built reports, dashboards, and analyses for six business areas: finance, rental, parts, equipment, sales, and service. TARGIT BI Accelerator (BIA) for CDK IntelliDealer

Additionally, we can help with the implementation to put data into the hands of those who need it extremely quickly. Ryan Houseknecht, Business Analyst at Best Line Equipment says:

 “Working with TARGIT for our implementation has been great. They have the industry knowledge we were looking for and really listen to our needs. We will end up spending less time and money than if we had tried to do it ourselves. With TARGIT on top of our CDK IntelliDealer system, we're already getting access to new levels of detail about our business.”  

Management can now see details such as technicians’ internal hours worked, warranty hours worked, tech travel time, tech unapplied time, tech hours worked, and tech hours posted. They can look at an individual piece of rental equipment or class of rental equipment to see utilization, book value, time utilization, financial utilization, rental revenue, and maintenance to income percentage. 

And as these 12 companies have experienced, when data from inside and outside the company is combined in easily digestible reports and analyses, every department of the dealership is empowered to make better, faster decisions based on real-time information. As the first year of what we hope is many years of successful growth for CDK Global and TARGIT draws to a close, we feel like we should be blowing out birthday candles. Personally, I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.


Kyle McNerney

Director of Partner & Industry Services, Americas
"Here to help our partners and verticals succeed." I focus on developing key vertical solutions with our partners that enables them to present a comprehensive BI solution with the KPIs relevant to that industry.  Some of our vertical solutions that I cover include: Heavy Machinery & Equipment Wineries  Waste & Recycling Services Foo..
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