Notification Agents: A Hidden Treasure (2 of 4)

noviembre 01, 2018

This is the second in a series of four blog posts on TARGIT® Notification Agents. For more on basic on the subject, please read blog post No. 1 and learn how to build a Notification Agent in TARGIT®.

In this blog post, we’ll examine how to utilize TARGIT® Notifications to:

  • Determine whether a goal metric has been reached (Use Case No. 2)
  • Determine who exactly hasn’t reached their goal (Use Case No. 3)
  • Check if a certain number has been brought down to an acceptable level since your last review (Use Case No. 4)
  • Make a Notification Agent without an underlying data object (Use Case No. 5)

Use Case No. 2 – Monitor One Value against Goal Measure

In this case, we have a KPI object looking at "Sales Year to Last Month". We have a Budget Measure (Revenue Goal) and would like to be notified on the 10th of the Month if the Sales Year to Last Month is below budget. 

The Action here is to summit a Budget Meeting if we are below Budget. This crosstab shows our "Year to Last Month Revenue". (It is actually visualized in a KPI object, but that doesn’t matter in this context). 

First, we right-click the number and choose to "Monitor this value":

Note: This use case covers only select dialogue tabs. For a more detailed look, please refer to blog post No. 1. Here we see the Condition Tab, with the condition operator changed to “is less than”:

Once that change is made, TARGIT offers to measure against a Goal Measure. Note: The logic says that when you choose an operator that compares to something (is greater than, is less than, equals, is different from), TARGIT will offer to choose a Goal Measure:

We choose to "Select goal measure" and pick "Revenue Goal":

Now the full condition is shown in the dialogue, which looks like this:

Now TARGIT will examine if Revenue is less than Revenue Goal. We can now go to the Schedule Tab and pick a frequency for TARGIT® to examine if the Condition is met:
Finally, we go to the Delivery Tab to decide who gets the email. (For details on this step, read blog post No. 1). Note that we’ve unchecked the link back to the crosstab and the notification agent since we simply want to notify the recipients and set up a meeting:

Use Case No. 3 – Who Hasn’t Reached the Goal

Now we want to have TARGIT pinpoint where the problems are and provide a full list of all Salespeople who didn’t reach Budget last month. This Notification Agent should obviously run once a month and provide a detailed list of Salespeople who didn’t reach their goal, what their goal was, and how far from the goal they are.

This crosstab could be a starting point. We have applied color agents that indicate who didn’t reach budget, but the Notification Agent will let us spread the same info to any desired audience via email, with no need to log into TARGIT:


We right-click the Revenue Total ($4,012,725.56) and choose to "Monitor this value":

We manage to create the same condition as in Use Case No. 2:

Now stay on the same tab, and this time choose "Monitor each member" of:


Next, we move on to select "Salesperson" (which is the dimension attribute used in the crosstab):

Now the condition is finished. We monitor each member of (Salesperson) and compare to goal measure (Revenue Goal):

The rest of this Notification Agent is consistent with Use Case No. 1 and Use Case No. 2. Once the Notification Agent is finished and the test run is complete, the email triggered by this step could look something like this:

Use Case No. 4 – Increase/Decrease within a Certain Timeframe 

This crosstab displays a view of Rejects per product with the filter Previous Month. In this example, we see a high number of rejects, which results in a significant financial impact. The company’s  production department has explored several initiatives to reduce the number of rejects for a selected range of products.

Now we want to monitor if they are succeeding. The goal is to reduce the number of rejects to a maximum of five. We want a notification whenever a number of rejects for a certain product exceeds the goal. We right-click the total and choose to "Monitor this value":

Working with the Condition tab, we make sure that we Monitor each member of product (see previous Use Case for a detailed explanation) and create a condition that will be met when the number of rejects for a certain product is more than five:

To complete this condition, we must combine it with the frequency we set in the Schedule tab. Since the goal was to decrease the number of to maximum five per month, the frequency needs to be once a month.

Having defined the condition and set the frequency, TARGIT will now investigate once a month whether we have achieved the desired decrease in rejects. If not, we will be notified with a specification of all products with too many rejects compared to our goal.

If the condition is met, the email generated could look something like this, listing each product that exceeds five rejects. This update forms a perfect basis for discussion with production on what can be done to minimize the number of rejects in the future:

Use Case No. 5 – Create Notification Agent without an Underlying Data Object

In all previous use cases, we have created a Notification Agent based on a data object by right-clicking in the crosstab and using this as our “way in.” The following shows how to create a Notification Agent without having to refer to a specific data object. Choose "Add" in the File Ribbon and pick "Notification":

Now simply enter the same dialogue as when you choose to right-click a number. The one difference here is that you don’t inherit anything from the analysis, so you need to start by selecting a measure:

… and you need to apply your own "Criteria":

And finally, you should uncheck the notification context link, since this Agent is built without a data object behind it:

Otherwise, the Agent will work in the exact same way as the ones you create by right-clicking.

This concludes our second blog post on Notification Agents in TARGIT. We look forward to sharing even more knowledge on the hidden treasures of Notification Agents in blog post No. 3.

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