Anticipating Your Analytics Needs with Professional Services Packages

enero 21, 2019

We’ve always said TARGIT doesn’t stop at software sales. Our Professional Services team is here for the entire life of your analytics journey. We’ll help you design an analytics strategy, get up and running with your software, and cultivate an environment of data-driven excellence throughout your entire company.

With decades of experience guiding companies under our belts, we feel particularly able to anticipate needs, issues, and solutions. With this experience in mind, our Professional Services team put together a number of packages that we now offer to companies right off the bat.

1. Back-End Review: Empower Your Solution
BI solutions evolve over time. Projects expand, user bases fluctuate, and scopes can change. However, changes to the solution don’t always take performance and best practices into account. This package ensures a thorough review of the existing solution and possible recommendations for ongoing solution optimization.

Estimated time: 8 days

2. Front End Package: Engage Users & Get Results - New User
This package is designed to ensure TARGIT Decision Suite is supported by BI and analytics documents that are aligned with the corporate identity and internal user organization. The Professional Services team creates a number of dashboards, analyses, and reports to support the organization. A one-day workshop teaches the basics of data visualization and design. Users and groups are established and corresponding rights are assigned. 

Estimated time: 5 days

3. Front-End Review: Stay on Brand - Existing User
Consider this a sharpening of the skills. The Professional Services team reviews existing BI documents and re-designs any prioritized reports, dashboards, or analyses, if necessary. Best practices for data visualizations are reviewed in a half-day workshop, and user personas are evaluated to improve user adoption. Read more about the package here.

Estimated time: 5,5 days

4. Pre-Analysis: Minimize Risks, Maximize Returns
A pre-analysis is performed before the delivery of a major project. The pre-analysis contains three elements: source system overview and documentation, bus matrix documentation, and development overview. This package provides an overview of everything from source systems and databases to dimensions and measures to individual tasks and their time estimates. Users kick off their analytics project with a greater understanding of each piece of their new BI solution.

Estimated time: 2 days

5. Proof of Concept: Test Theories & Find Solutions
Demonstrate a possible solution and minimize risks in relation to delivery, time and money with the Proof of Concept package. The main purpose is to verify concepts and theories that later have the potential of evolving into a real BI solution.

Estimated time: 2,5 days

6. From Basic BI to Operational Reporting
This package is designed to improve your existing BI solution with data from specific business areas. Our team will review the TARGIT solution and zero in on particular business areas that can be improved. A workshop for key users is held. Additionally, five to 10 documents will be selected for improvement based on key user input.

Estimated time: 6 days

7. From BI Operational Reporting to BI Competitive Strategy
This package takes the improvement of the BI solution one step further by utilizing data from external source systems as well as data from business areas. The Professional Services team will review the existing TARGIT solution to find business areas ripe for improvement. A workshop is held for key users, and five to 10 documents are selected for improvement based on key user input.

Estimated time: 6 days

8. TARGIT Support: Planned & Timeboxed
Daily, weekly, or monthly planned support for your TARGIT solution can be arranged in advance with this package. Support can include system health checks, user and roles maintenance, TARGIT upgrades, or other technical assistance.

9. TARGIT Upgrade: Unlock the Benefits
Rest assured your TARGIT solution is always upgraded to the latest version. This package delivers the benefits of every new feature and correction as they are released.

Estimated time: 0,5 days

Pre-packaged success

The results of each of these packages are a stronger analytics solution and more informed users. TARGIT is so much more than features and functions. It is the combination of our award-winning software, thorough training and support, and dedicated employees that make the difference between a technology solution and a company culture. We’ll help you make yours a culture of data-driven excellence.

Reach out to your contact person here for more information on TARGIT’s Professional Services packages and how we can help you take full advantage of the power at your fingertips.

Peter Munk

Director, Professional Services EMEA
My responsibility at TARGIT is to ensure that my team delivers industry-leading professional services for all our EMEA customers.  TARGIT’s Professional Services team delivers a wide range of business benefits to TARGIT customers, from data warehouse development, front-end consultancy, and on-site workshops and training opportunities with TARGIT Universit..
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