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septiembre 11, 2019

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WHEN PLANTORAMA EMPLOYEES NEEDED TO MAKE BUSINESS DECISIONS, they had a wealth of experience to draw upon, but what they didn’t have was data to back them up. 

“We made a lot of decisions, but they were based on feelings rather than fact,” says Torben Castenskiold, Plantorama CFO.  

Plantorama executives knew analytics was a critical missing piece to their decision-making process. As they considered their options, they realized they needed a user-friendly solution that everyone could wrap their heads around, including gardeners, animal keepers, and horticulturalists who had no IT training or time to learn a complicated new system. And the last thing they wanted to do was disrupt daily workflow with a new process.  

NORRIQ, a TARGIT partner, knew that TARGIT Decision Suite was the ideal solution for Plantorama. NORRIQ consultants built Plantorama’s data warehouse, from which Plantorama employees could create the TARGIT front-end that fit all of their needs.

NORRIQ consultants have helped Plantorama employees create some of their own more complicated analyses projects and can step in and act as project managers to coordinate with external suppliers when necessary. Consultants are also always available for ongoing feedback and troubleshooting.

Even users with minimal IT experience could quickly get on board and gain access to new insights with TARGIT Decision Suite. Today, Plantorama employees know instantly whether goods are in stock or available in the warehouse, which helps them improve customer service and expedite sales.

One of the most beneficial TARGIT Decision Suite features is digital slideshows used throughout the organization to display the most important metrics for all to see. User-friendly dashboards are displayed on screens in every center to spread information without employees even needing to open a laptop.

Users can easily create their own analyses and drill down into the details to find answers to their questions. Automatic reports make it quick and easy to distribute data both to employees and external suppliers. Suppliers can now serve Plantorama even better thanks to greater insights and fast access to data.

“TARGIT has been a great solution for Plantorama, because it is very user-friendly,” says Castenskiold. “We have a lot of employees who are not used to working with IT, such as gardeners, animal keepers or the like, who have their focus on other things. They can easily use TARGIT and really benefit from it without being particularly good at IT.”

As a result, the Plantorama organization as a whole now makes faster and better business decisions.

“I would recommend TARGIT because of its overall user-friendliness,” says Castenskiold. “It is user-friendly for those who use the analyses and reports in the organization, but it is also easy to create new analyses and drill down into the individual analysis to take a deeper look at the figures.”

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Martin Sørensen

Sales Manager
Almost nine years of working with TARGIT partners and customers has given me a clear vision of the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics within organizations worldwide. In particular I have a passion for retail, and have followed closely the dramatic changes in the business during the past nine years, where business intelligence and analytics are being a mor..
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