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A 2019 Deep Dive: TARGIT vs Power BI

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect

I’m eager to study the trends of the BI market and compare them to the actual implementations that take place worldwide.

My position of Solution Architect at TARGIT has me covering all aspects of turning data into insight, from technical setup to end-user training. I create data warehouses and user friendly analyses and reports that enable our customers to make better, faster, fact-based decisions -- on both the  everyday operational and strategic levels.

I am an expert in training clients in both English and Danish languages, which puts me face-to-face with our end-users and keeps me familiar with their real-world problems and solutions.

At TARGIT, I have a hand in every phase of implementing a BI project -- from the technical angle to the value-adding, non-technical approach that bridges the gap between data and decisions and between technicians and business people. My motto is, "over prepare and go with the flow," which serves me well in this position.

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