TARGIT Releases New Powerful Decision Suite 2019

abril 08, 2019

This release strengthens TARGIT Decision Suite as an end-to-end enterprise BI and analytics solution with more powerful reporting, intuitive design capabilities, and exceptional user control.

Aalborg, Denmark — TARGIT, the company behind market-leading business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform TARGIT Decision Suite, today announces the availability of the newest version of TARGIT Decision Suite 2019. This software update places more control than ever before into the hands of users, with a focus on four distinct areas of BI functionality: an entirely new design experience, fully integrated reporting, super intelligent documents, and new intuitive mobile apps. TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 puts powerful enterprise business intelligence into the hands of more users than ever before.

“With TARGIT Decision Suite 2019, we’re rolling out more powerful enterprise analytics, integrated reporting, and more intelligent design,” says Tommy Jensen, TARGIT Product Manager. “Our priority was the end-user experience. How can we save users time? How can we give them more control? Which improvements can we make to the TARGIT environment that will make a measurable impact on their daily business lives and access to data? Each of the major themes of this 2019 release focus on the tools that customers use most. TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 is about more than enterprise power; it’s about user power.”

TARGIT has also upgraded the platform’s installer to improve the entire upgrade and installation process, making it faster and simpler for companies of any size.

Major updates include:
  • New design experience: Improved objects and new features to make them easier to customize to users’ own preferences for the most user-friendly design experience. Users can now freely size, align, group, and distribute objects anywhere on the canvas. This includes the ability to overlap objects with transparency support. All dashboards, mobile content, and the brand new integrated reports all have the same design tools and capabilities.
  • Fully integrated reporting: The new TARGIT Report Engine puts on-screen dashboards and printed reports in the same tool. Seamless report design makes it easy to place all objects and content anywhere on the page, just like when designing dashboards. The new Report Engine also supports multi-page design. Design a report with multiple pages and allow each page its own individual design.
  • Super intelligent documents: Design objects once in the TARGIT Document Model and reuse them across all the layouts in the same document, from desktop, phone, tablet, web, and report layout. When users open a document, TARGIT detects the device and automatically selects the best design layout for that device. It is easy to make a change in any layout, which reflects automatically across all other layouts. Users can also save and re-use designs. It’s quick and easy to apply layouts, designs, colors, branding, and more throughout new documents. The new template support allows users to save any document as a template for later reuse in another context. 
  • Powerful mobile apps: Two brand new mobile apps with an intuitive UI and new robust features. Users can now design layouts that are orientation aware. It allows for greater diversity in terms of creating visualizations customized for the specific mobile platform.
  • Updated documentation platform: To support all of the new features in Decision Suite 2019 and further enhance our customers' experience we have created a new documentation portal to aid customers in their use of TARGIT Decision Suite. This portal contains both documents, videos, plus on-demand TARGIT University training material explaining the new features and how to configure your TARGIT platform. The content within the portal is divided based on the various user types available (end user, administrator, and BI developer).

For more information on the new TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 solution, visit


TARGIT is the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite, the leading business intelligence and analytics solution for all business users. TARGIT has a long history of innovation, agility, and patented technology focused on people. The company’s modern analytics platform delivers easier ways to work with data and creates a real impact for every customer. TARGIT's mission is to transform entire organizations by curating actionable insights that lead to better and faster decisions to improve profitability, productivity, and competitiveness. To learn more about TARGIT and its innovative solutions explore and follow us on LinkedIn.

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