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Reduce wait time, improve planning & forecast Better

Managing the data and analytics for an international airport can seem like a daunting task. Running on old numbers, with poor forecasting, can lead to high staff turnover, and longer wait times resulting in poor passenger satisfaction.

To quell these issues, one must implement a robust business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution to manage and report that data.  

In this eBook we take a thorough look at the current challenges in airport BI and analytics, where you’ll read about:  

  • Eliminating the frustration of longer wait times by perfecting the planning process
  • Understanding the “golden hour” and how it relates to increased retail profit
  • Receiving real-time updates with fresh data, whenever you need it, on any device

»Stop guessing the number of expected passengers per hour. 

Know the predicted number of passengers per minute.«

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