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Pre-built, endlessly customizable business intelligence solutions for the heavy equipment sales and rental industry. Get instant insight into financial reporting, equipment sales, rentals, and services and parts data.

KPI Insight

TARGIT Decision Suite for heavy equipment dealers delivers full insight into every aspect of your fleet. Get real-time access to KPIs such as utilization time, rental days left, and maintenance-to-income ratios.

Manage your customers better and improve performance company-wide.
This is business intelligence and analytics designed for the heavy equipment industry.
Heavy Equipment Dashboard
Heavy Equipment Dashboard

Advanced Industry Analytics

Instant insight into data reveals best practices for improving performance to roll out across all office locations. Compare performance across locations and foster transparency so employees can see how they compare with teams at other locations. Drill down and see sales performance, inventory turn rate, and other key metrics across locations, divisions, and customers.

“TARGIT has enabled us to easily pinpoint areas of weakness and increase ROI.”

Katherine Kelly, Sales Operations Manager at Kelly Tractor

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TARGIT Decision Suite

Deliver Insight, Drive Business Value

TARGIT Decision Suite’s wide range of features connect all the right data from any data source and deliver it in easily digestible reports and analyses to the right place at the right time.
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Always Secure
Use the same report or dashboard across locations. Different users only have access to the data they are intended to see.
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Automatic Notifications
TARGIT Decision Suite notifies you instantly if KPIs move outside a pre-defined standard.
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Multiple Data Sources
Combine data from all your systems to create dashboards and reports that give insight into every aspect of the organization.
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Cross Company Reporting
Create reports that show performance across companies and locations to better perform benchmarks.
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Data DIscovery
Enable employees to add new data sources on the fly and create new data models and views, with all the benefits of enterprise BI.

Kirby Smith relies on TARGIT

“With the ability to integrate automated alerts and user-specific view and edit permissions, we are able to manage our business without the need to be glued to a screen all day long.”

Bryce Puckett, General Manager of Rentals at Kirby-Smith

Device Grid

Set Data Free for Everyone

Access your data anytime from anywhere with web and windows clients, integration kits, and apps for all major mobile platforms. TARGIT Decision Suite’s intuitive user interface and flexible clients and licensing options make it the perfect fit for both the BI power users that need to create advanced reports and the sales team on the road that just want easy access to their information.

Read about your user personas and how to design an analytics strategy that works for everyone.

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You don't need to be an IT expert to build a dashboard in TARGIT

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