BI for all

Security meets flexibility

Flexibility meets governed business intelligence

TARGIT Decision Suite's robust data governance simplifies the management of both the centralized and de-centralized analytics strategies. Set data free to employees in every role without compromising the consistency and security of data.

All the control is yours from the TARGIT Management cockpit, ensuring data quality and user security. TARGIT's self-service BI empowers business users to create their own dashboards and analyses with unlimited access to near-infinite data sources. Clear out your backlog once and for all.
This is business intelligence and analytics designed for IT.

Goverened Business Intelligence with Scalability

Combine the traditional centralized strategy with a de-centralized, creative strategy for of ad-hoc data discovery and BI for all.

Control server and applications for use across the organization from a single control panel.

reduce costs

Work with TARGIT to avoid project creep and other costly BI pitfalls that add to surprise bills down the road.

in-memory power

Run TARGIT as a complete end-to-end analytics solution with TARGIT InMemory.

Grant permissions

Grant permissions so business users can build their own new dashboards and visualizations with data provided to them.

promote innovation
Promote innovation and experimentation among teams with the new way of handling data governance.

Midwest Anesthesia relies on TARGIT

“My CEO was immediately impressed. I started running reports and executives were flabbergasted at how quickly they would run.”

 Simba Blackman, Healthcare Data Analyst at Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor


Control Everything With TARGIT Management

TARGIT Management is the single comprehensive control panel that administrators use to control the TARGIT server and applications for use across the organization. Administrators set permissions and control who has access to what data for their everyday analytics use.

TARGIT Management caters to the dual demands of IT and business users. True to TARGIT’s mission of setting data free to decision-makers throughout the organization, administrators have complete control of critical data without limiting business users’ ability to self-serve.

This is simplified data governance.
total cost of ownership

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Fast Implementation, Broad Deployment

There are many options for painless deployment of TARGIT Decision Suite. TARGIT’s flexible solution design supports your business with BI tailored for every data source, infrastructure, and presentation preference.
We’ll help you choose the right solution design for your company.

Run it securely on premise, in the cloud, or through a hosted environment. When you’re ready to expand your BI project, TARGIT scales seamlessly with you.

TARGIT Decision Suite supports all major relational and multidimensional database technologies. Our in-memory technology delivers best-in-class performance at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.



TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 gives companies the option of running TARGIT as and end-to-end analytics solution by introducing an enterprise-grade in-memory database and back-end tool set.

The new data integration tool, TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio, is designed for fast data integration and data modelling. Connect to all data sources, transform data and load into the TARGIT InMemory database, and create models for analysis in blisteringly fast speeds.
TARGIT also connects to Python for more advanced data operations.

TARGIT Architecture

Connect to More Data Faster

Powered by the new TARGIT InMemory database, the Data Discovery module's previous data limitations are a thing of the past.

TARGIT Decision Suite seamlessly integrates data from your WMS, ERP, CRM, big data repositories, and other relevant data sources to produce comprehensive reports and analyses on the KPIs you need. Mashup the data you need from any source and the answers are yours in just a few clicks.

Welcome to a world of unlimited data discovery. 
integrate data from any source
Traffilog's analytics strategy

"We are dealing with enormous amounts of data. We’re talking about 3,000 to 4,000 transactions per second. And the data needs to be in close to real-time."

Karsten Hjorth, executive director, Traffilog

One Platform, Every Tool You Need

TARGIT’s comprehensive BI and analytics platform offers intuitive dashboards, data discovery, reporting, and data visualization tools in a single, integrated solution.


TARGIT Decision Suite’s self-service analytics tools are intuitive enough for the casual user and powerful enough for the technical expert.


Access dashboards from desktop, mobile devices, or embedded directly in the platforms employees already work most. Analyze underlying data in a single trend and spot trends as they appear.

data discovery

Your data warehouse is no longer the limit for your analytical needs. Integrate and mash up millions of data sets in an intuitive user interface, including customer surveys, Excel spreadsheets, and big data depositories.

data visualization

TARGIT has an extensive library of interconnected charts and gauges to help users better tell the complete story of their data in simple, visually compelling ways.


Intuitive reporting tools reduce the need for IT. Development time is slashed with tools that make it possible for the same report to be used across departments and throughout the company with simple email sharing and robust data governance.

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