Microsoft Convergence: Cooking with Fire on Day 2

marzo 06, 2014

The action hasn’t slowed at Convergence 2014 in Atlanta. The day was packed with informative conference sessions, and it seemed like there was an endless stream of conference attendees stopping by TARGIT booth 2421 to chat with TARGIT experts, demo the software, and learn more about the TARGIT Decision Suite. 

We also announced an exciting new partnership with Radley Corporation for a complete end-to-end supply chain solution. Radley’s Barcoding (automated data collection) Solutions provide a non-intrusive real-time connection to Microsoft Dynamics AX data. Now, customers will be able to watch their barcoding and EDI data come to life in powerful visualizations and analyses in the TARGIT front-end.

At 12:30, TARGIT CTO Morten Middelfart gave his conference session, “Adaptation: The Key to Survival in the Business Jungle.” Morten highlighted just how powerful technology can be when it works in synergy with the human mind. Along with TARGIT COO Ulrik Pedersen, he also demonstrated some of the exciting new features of the TARGIT Decision Suite. You can catch up on our two new product technologies in our recent press release here.

He particularly wow-ed the audience with TARGIT Xbone and the natural language speech technology that he used to pull reports and analyses.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

@ljhigby: Thank you Dr. Morton, XBone was freaking awesome. #CONV14 #targit

@MartdeMontigny: Very inspiring presentation; guidelines for the future from @dr_morton #FactBeatFear #Conv14 #Targit

@jimboshoe: TARGIT just woke me up!! Very impressive! #CONV14 #targit

Each session attendee was also lucky enough to walk away with a copy of Dr. Morton’s CALM book. If you missed Dr. Morton, don’t worry, we’ll have the full video available on the TARGIT website soon.

After the session there were even more inspiring conversations with TARGIT partners, customers, and prospective customers. Before the end of the day, TARGIT awarded the winner of the TARGIT helicopter ride and took off to see Atlanta from a whole new perspective!

To finish the day, the TARGIT crew took in the Convergence keynote session with Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, and Biz Stone, Twitter Co-founder and Co-founder and CEO of Jelly, Inc.

The keynote in one word? Inspiring. While both Huffington and Stone delivered their own separate messages, their key takeaways met at a perfect convergence of doing good. Doing good for yourself – whether that’s unplugging from technology, making sure you’re getting enough sleep, or spending more time being present with those you are with—and doing good for others.

As Stone state, “People are fundamentally good. And if you build them tools that allow them to exhibit that behavior, they’ll amaze you everyday.”

At TARGIT, we think so too. Stay tuned for a full reflection on the messages of Huffington and Stone soon. Until then, we’re looking forward to another full day at Convergence 2014! 

Wish you were here at the Convergence? Watch this short video to feel the vibe!

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Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

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