Traffilog Harnesses Real-Time IoT Power with TARGIT

gennaio 17, 2017

Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things doesn’t do much good for companies unless they find a way to integrate, analyze, and learn from the previously unfathomable amount of data coming into their systems every day. That’s why when Traffilog went on the hunt for a business intelligence and analytics solution, they had one requirement that stood out from the list: they wanted a partner with the back-end horsepower to deal with millions of rows in real-time.

Traffilog is a world leader in fleet management solutions for companies such as transportation, waste management, and utility agencies. It is the company's vision to provide a single platform that offers endless data integration streaming between vehicles, businesses, and humans with their telematics technology.

With Traffilog telematics embedded directly into vehicles, drivers and managers have direct access to driving metrics with the goal of improving safety for drivers and communities, increasing fuel efficiency, and providing preventative and predictive vehicle maintenance.

Before implementing TARGIT Decision Suite, Traffilog data was aggregated continuously and delivered in static reports at the end of each month. But Traffilog wanted a way to deliver that insight to their customers instantly at the push of a button with data that was updated in real-time as well as historical data. With a massive undertaking such as that, it became clear that TARGIT Decision Suite's in-memory technology was the only way the company would achieve their goal.

“We’re not generating one report for ourselves; we’re sending out close to 60,000 driver reports every month,” says Traffilog Executive Director Karsten Hjorth. “And our customers all have different needs, so their demands for reporting are all incredibly different. We couldn’t be as flexible as they needed us to be, so we turned to BI.”

TARGIT consultants worked closely with Traffilog employees to pinpoint their precise needs. First and foremost was the need for speed to keep up with the massive amounts of IoT data flowing into their systems such as vehicle speed, tire pressure, turn radius, engine data, idle time, and so much more for the thousands of customer vehicles around the world.

As implementation rolled on, Traffilog and TARGIT worked together continuously to adjust procedures and update the TARGIT platform to fit their precise needs until they had the perfect solution.
“One of the reasons we chose TARGIT was because of the flexibility,” Hjorth goes on. “TARGIT listened to us and helped us do some workarounds. They listened to us; we created a solution together.”

Today, Traffilog relies on the speed and flexibility of TARGIT InMemory on top of their existing data warehouse environment to deal with enormous amounts of data – 3,000-4,000 transactions per second. TARGIT InMemory is TARGIT’s enterprise-grade in-memory database and back-end tool set that smashes data restrictions. TARGIT InMemory was designed for the query speed necessary for harnessing IoT power. The solution delivers queries in blisteringly fast speeds.

“TARGIT Decision Suite has changed our business enormously,” says Hjorth. “No one is buried in Excel sheets every month. And when we go out and sell to new customers, it’s one of our CVPs that we can give them reporting in the format that they would like, when they would like. And because of TARGIT, we can deliver all those reports throughout nine countries with just one person scheduling those jobs on our end.”

Watch the video below to see the full Traffilog story.

[Learn more about TARGIT InMemory: Watch the on-demand webinar.]

Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

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