Origin Enterprises Plants the Seeds of Analytics Success with TARGIT Momentum

aprile 30, 2018

Origin Enterprises PLC is a leading provider of value-added services, technologies, and strategic inputs that support the delivery of sustainable and profitable food production solutions. Origin’s corporate umbrella includes nearly a dozen agri-services and animal feed companies, including Agrii, the UK’s leading agronomy company. The group focuses on the science of soil management and crop production via environmental stewardship, varietal selection, growing systems, soil management, nutrition application, crop protection, and precision farming. 

With thousands of employees and arms of the company and operations extending throughout 108 locations in Europe, Origin needed a solution that made it easier to track KPIs and optimize business across its corporate structure. By making better business decisions, Origin can deliver unrivaled expertise and support for sustainable and profitable farming and help its customers meet today’s farming challenges.

Origin needed a solution that pulled data seamlessly from a variety of data sources, analyzed it, and presented it in user-friendly reports and data visualizations. The company turned to TARGIT Decision Suite to help them look at data in a new way and provide better service to their customers.

The implementation of any new software is a challenge, but especially for an organization of Origin’s size. The company found it difficult to motivate employees to adopt the new practices into their everyday business routines and accurately display the value of analytics.

After visiting another TARGIT customer and seeing first-hand the full potential within TARGIT Decision Suite, Origin knew its employees would benefit greatly from a TARGIT Momentum Workshop. TARGIT Momentum is a strategic framework used to design a unique solution for every customer, focusing on goals, user adoption, and end results.

“When Origin realized that users weren’t adopting at the rate they were actually expecting, they invited us in to do a workshop to help them define the actual challenges and how we could work together to overcome those challenges,” says Kasper S. Thomsen, TARGIT Sales Manager. “As a second step, they came to our offices in Denmark and spent two days with us to get a clear view of the roadmap, how we could work together to accomplish the data visualizations they wanted, and generally just get closer engagement with us.”

Thanks to TARGIT Momentum, it didn’t take long for Origin employees to see the old way of reporting was overly time consuming and lacked the level of insight they could find in TARGIT Decision Suite’s dynamic dashboards, reports, and analyses.

Today, Origin employees have an entirely new way of thinking about reports. Through TARGIT, users gain a level of insight that enables company decision makers to look forward instead of just backward. TARGIT Decision Suite’s self-service capabilities empower everyday business users to create their own reports and drill into dashboards to find the answers to their questions for the company’s commercial reporting, financial reporting, service desk, and timesheets.

This process has so positively changed Origin’s way of doing business, they’ve set big goals for TARGIT expansion throughout the entire company and beyond.

You can read the full story of Origin’s BI and analytics journey and see where they’re headed next here or watch the video.

Kasper Shik Thomsen

Kasper Shik Thomsen

Sales Manager
With broad-spectrum experience within business intelligence I feel more than comfortable in the role of being a trusted adviser to our customers and sales development partner to our loyal and accomplished sales channel. I have a well-rounded background in business analytics and data visualization and am eager to share my insights here on the TARGIT blog. My goal is ..
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