TARGIT Decision Suite 2018 - Update 1

New analytics power with Update 1: TARGIT Decision Suite 2018 Update 1 resolves a number of issues that will increase the stability of the entire TARGIT solution. We promise an improved user experience and boosted analytics capabilities with this update, and can’t wait to show you what’s under the hood.

New feature and modules

We’re also rolling out an entirely new feature in this update, Global Dimensions. The Global Dimensions function links otherwise unrelated hierarchies, such as those in different connections or cubes, provided the hierarchies are built up in the same way. When setting a criterion on one of the hierarchies in a Global Dimension, the criterion will also be put on the other hierarchies within that defined Global Dimension.

Previously, the same filtering required in two different unrelated data sources also required two filters in the criteria bar. With the ability to use Global Dimensions, links between otherwise unrelated data will only need one filter in the criteria bar. To get more information on setting up Global Dimensions, please see the “Installation & Configuration Guide” here.

TARGIT Decision Suite Update 1 also includes updates for Data Service and Deep Integration. Currently available iOS and Android apps work with Update 1 and will be updated with bug fixes within the a week.

You can download Update 1 from the Download Center now.


Michael Holmberg Andersen

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