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settembre 03, 2018

There are some changes happening at TARGIT this summer. In between trips to the beach, outdoor picnics, and enjoying those extra late summer sunsets, we’ve still had our eyes on the prize. The enterprise, that is. We’re rolling out a new subscription model for TARGIT Decision Suite that makes it easier than ever for the entire enterprise to gain access to insight.

We’ve always been proud of our competitive enterprise BI offerings. This new pricing model moves from a perpetual license to a subscription license and positions our singular administration and low learning curve front and center.

The new pricing model simplifies enterprise-wide roll out and makes it easier than ever to put TARGIT’s most powerful analytics tools in the hands of every business user. All subscription levels include TARGIT’s powerful reporting, robust data governance, and insightful usage logging, so that every company, no matter the size, can experience the value of true enterprise features.

Why are we doing this?

This is enterprise BI and analytics for the next generation. TARGIT Decision Suite was already designed to be the only tool needed for every level of technical expertise in every department. We’ve just made it simpler and more transparent to put analytics in the hands of users across the company.

On brand with our effort to simplify, our new mantra is one. One tool, one skillset, one administration, one platform, and one truth.

One integrated tool

TARGIT Decision Suite delivers user-friendly dashboards, ad-hoc reporting capabilities, and paginated reports that create actionable insight in any form that works best for end-users. There are no complex integrations between different tools, which means there’s no need for IT experts. When we say self-service, we mean self-service.

TARGIT Decision Suite is comprehensive enough for advanced reporting and data discovery and simple enough for every business user to learn and gain access to their data.

One skillset

There’s only one set of skills needed to get the most out of TARGIT Decision Suite. Our comprehensive self-service BI, Data Discovery, and analysis do not require any coding languages. That means casual business users are able to access and learn from their data themselves. This high learning curve prevents knowledge bottlenecks, a common problem in many companies, and eases pressure on the IT department.

We can hear the IT team cheering from here. That also means the overall total cost of ownership is significantly lower. Easier access to insight means higher user adoption, less reliance on technical expertise, and an entire culture of data-driven decision making.

One administration

TARGIT delivers a single overview of all company data to administrators. The platform’s robust data governance capabilities give administrators the power to control user access across the company and beyond for full collaborative power.

Administrators can establish which individual users or roles within the company can take what action, with what data, under what circumstances, using what methods. Business users can be granted permission to build new dashboards and visualizations with the data provided to them. Or they can be given a longer leash to add their own data for their own use or the use of the team.

One platform

You’ll never need another tool again to get the insight you need for better, faster decisions. This single, business-owned platform means lower implementation costs, lower maintenance costs, and lower upgrade costs. TARGIT’s flexible solution design ensures your BI platform is uniquely tailored for every data source, infrastructure, and presentation preference. This is the best way to ensure high user satisfaction and optimal BI user adoption, which leads to faster ROI and lower total cost of ownership. 

One truth

Enterprise-worthy security and governance mean administrators can control the flow of knowledge and allow particular groups of users to experiment with new data in closed environments. Insights and data can be promoted and shared with a wider audience when validated and approved. 

This is the best of both worlds. Validated, secure data for the business and daily operations as well as self-service BI for uncovering new insights. Users can mashup data from any source. With millions of data sets available from both internal and external data sources, the possibilities are endless.

Better access to enterprise BI starts today

TARGIT’s new subscription plans meet the analytics needs of companies of every size. Companies can choose the right fit for them on a sliding scale that starts with one designer client and 50 consumer clients for the small business all the way up to 10 designer clients and hundreds of consumer clients for the large enterprise. Depending on your needs, features and even more clients can be added along the way.

This new pricing model speeds the time to return on investment and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Learn more about subscription options and find the right fit for your organization here.

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