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ottobre 31, 2018

You can pore over expert product reviews, watch countless demos, and test free trials on your own data until the cows come home, but in the end, you can’t truly comprehend the ins and outs of a particular BI and analytics solution without hearing from those users who have been working with the solution long term. BARC The BI Survey was created to solve that problem.

BARC spends months each year collecting opinions from BI users from around the world to see how the industry’s products compare to one another in real-life, everyday scenarios. It is the largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence users in the world.

BARC interviewed over 3,000 people using 36 different BI products for the 2018 survey. The results are in and we’re once again very happy with how TARGIT users interact with and feel about the product. Drum roll, please … Out of those 36 products, TARGIT was a leading vendor in 16 categories and the No. 1 vendor for mobile BI against its peers in the OLAP analysis-focused products peer group.

The key takeaway

The key takeaway of this year’s user results? TARGIT is really good at providing BI and analytics to a wide range of users throughout the entire enterprise. Everyone -- from the technically skilled IT department to the average business users who just need to monitor KPIs can access data quickly and easily from TARGIT Decision Suite. TARGIT’s predefined reports and interactive dashboards are used in every department, by users of every skill set.

“Good quality and value, ease of development, and user adoption has been very effective.”
- Person responsible for departmental BI, healthcare, >2,500 employees

And users aren’t just opening TARGIT for a quick peek. From standard reporting and basic data analysis to mobile BI and in-depth ad-hoc query, users rely on the full scope of TARGIT’s functionality. Users are taking advantage of way more than just the basic toolset. They’re digging deep into analyses, creating queries on the fly, and taking their BI on the road with mobile BI.

One skill set, one platform, one truth

This means we’re achieving our mission of bringing one version of the truth to the entire enterprise. It is our goal to help TARGIT users make better decisions faster by spreading the use of data throughout the organization. We do that by creating a platform that has the powerful enterprise tools needed for security and easy administration – like TARGIT’s robust data governance and powerful control center – and user-friendly capabilities that make it possible for everyone to take advantage of the benefits of BI.

“It is a great solution that is able to consolidate a large amount of data and allows us to control who sees what, giving us a great deal of security and power to slice and dice the data in a huge number of ways."
- Project manager for BI from IT department, retail/wholesale/trade, 101-2,500 employees

The result is one, fully integrated platform that requires one skill set, one administration, and delivers one version of the truth.

Some of the happiest customers in the industry

TARGIT also consistently grabs some of the highest scores in the industry for product satisfaction. We’re not only providing a great product, but also have a high recommendation rate:

“91% of surveyed users would recommend TARGIT.”

That’s all part of the TARGIT mission I mentioned above. You can’t have a data-driven enterprise without data-driven users. We want to make it as easy as possible for BI users of every skill set to be able to take advantage of TARGIT’s powerful enterprise features. That includes fostering strong relationships with our consultants, sales team, and customers. It’s opportunities for comprehensive in-classroom or on-location training, as well as access to an entire library of resources and online support.

You can download the full TARGIT summary of The BI Survey 18 and see TARGIT’s other rankings against the competition here.

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