Sneak Preview: TARGIT Decision Suite 2019

gennaio 18, 2019

The TARGIT office always seems to take on some extra energy this time of year as we get closer and closer to the launch of our latest version of TARGIT Decision Suite. This year I am thrilled with the progress we have made, the capabilities we have improved, and the new features we have added to make data analysis and reporting easier than ever and more accessible to our end users. 

I cannot wait to show it off, so I won’t! Last month I presented a sneak preview demo of the major updates to TARGIT Decision Suite 2019. If you missed it, you can now access it on-demand.

What’s new in 2019

In the webinar, I will take you through the TARGIT Decision Suite roadmap highlights. You’ll see what TARGIT looks like today and the major steps we’ve taken to make TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 more powerful than ever before. We’ve improved the back-end features such as data model extensions and global dimensions and we have new big stars of the show like integrated reporting, the canvas, criteria refining and user dimension capabilities, and TARGIT cloud offerings.

TARGIT Document Model

One of the major changes we are rolling out in TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 is the new TARGIT Document Model. Today, you may have separate designs for every device, from desktop to phone to tablet. You may also have separate designs for dashboards and reports. Today, all these separate designs are probably created in different views/reports.

With the 2019 version, we simplified the entire design process to make your displays more consistent and faster to create. This is the core of our new design paradigm. You can now collect all relevant information in one single document and use it across every device through different layouts created inside the document for these devices. There is no longer any need to create separate documents for different visualizations or for different devices.

Users will design objects once in the TARGIT Document Model and reuse them across all the layouts in the same document, from desktop, phone, tablet, web, and report layout. When users open a document, TARGIT detects the device and automatically selects the best design layout for that device. Reports are also now designed in the same space and in the exact same way that you design dashboards.

It’s easy to make a change in any layout, which will be reflected automatically across all other layouts. You will also be able to save and re-use any design that you have created. Layouts, designs, colors, branding, and more can all be applied throughout new documents quickly and easily. Perhaps the biggest time saver of all is the template support allowing the user to save any document as a template for later reuse in another context.

The TARGIT Document Model decreases the number of documents you will have to maintain in the solution. It will save a significant amount of time otherwise spent designing and making changes. 

In the video, I show you some of what is possible in the new version and what it looks like. See what free flow dashboard design looks like in real life, including object lists and design methodology. 

TARGIT Report Engine

The new TARGIT Report Engine with dashboards and reports in the same tool is a huge part of our single-platform value of the TARGIT.

There are many cool new capabilities we built into the new Report Engine, but one of my favorite new abilities is seamless report design. It is the exact same process and design tool that you use to design dashboards.

In the new Report Engine, you can place all your objects and content anywhere on the page that you want, just like you do when designing dashboards. The cool thing is the new Report Engine supports multi-page design. You can design a report with multiple pages and each page has a new design.

Watch the demo

I could talk about all of my favorite new features of TARGIT Decision Suite 2019, or you could just watch the demo and get a sneak peek of some of the new functions.

Stay tuned for more previews, demos, and teasers of all the new capabilities as we beat the drum towards the release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2019.

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