Partnership a beneficio degli utenti di BI Dynamics

settembre 24, 2013
Due dei principali nomi della Business Intelligence in Danimarca e nel mercato del data warehouse, TARGIT e timeXtender, hanno siglato una partnership che amplierà i benefici per i clienti Microsoft Dynamics.

The world of Business Intelligence today saw a surprising partnership penned between TARGIT and timeXtender. Denmark’s two largest BI vendors—and competitors—have officially joined forces, making it even easier to combine their products. The goal of the alliance is to create an optimal BI platform for Microsoft Dynamics customers, enabling them to use their data to make qualified, fact-based decisions faster than ever before. 

“Most people sees us as competitors,” says Flemming Madsen, TARGIT CSO. “We are competitors on some areas, but we have chosen to join forces to create an optimal platform for structuring, extracting, analyzing, and visualizing data. timeXtender is very strong on the back-end- and data warehouse part and TARGIT is the largest BI vendor in the world regarding front-end and Business Intelligence for Dynamics. Together, we are now able to offer the customers a solution, which can be compared to a highway from raw data to great looking visualizations. We believe that this will make a huge difference to our shared customers.”

As part of the partnership, timeXtender will create a new consultancy company, timeXtender Consulting, which, as a reseller of TARGIT Decision Suite, will be able to address the market directly. timeXtender’s unique data warehouse technology combined with TARGIT’s visual BI tools remove a substantial part of the work that currently often prevents companies both small and large from implementing a BI solution. Users can say goodbye to time-consuming, complicated spreadsheets forever.

“timeXtender is the developer of some unique tools for building data warehouses and data cubes,” says Heine Krog Iverson, timeXtender CEO. “But in order to be able to analyze and visualize your data in a user-friendly manner, you need more than just that. The combination of timeXtender and TARGIT is in fact a small revolution as it makes it so much easier to get started on your BI project. We expect a lot from this alliance with TARGIT.”

The partnership between TARGIT and timeXtender offers Microsoft Dynamics customers the very best of both worlds: timeXtender’s development tool for building data warehouses and data cubes on Microsoft SQL server and TARGIT’s front-end tools for analysis and visualization. The solutions supplement each other perfectly and make building comprehensive reports and analyses from scratch fast and easy.

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