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From suppliers to customers

The list of information a manufacturing business needs to keep track of goes on for miles: from suppliers to customers and production facilities to employees. 

Tackle global challenges

Competion on a global scale

Creating an agile organization that can adapt as fast as changes occur in the global marketplace is key to survival. Business Intelligence software for manufacturing helps you to gain insight so you can react as soon as changes occur.

It’s necessary to think three steps ahead if you want to stay relevant

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You need to free your key employees from performing trivial tasks and let the computer take care of monitoring and reporting. That’s our solution.
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Instant Insight
Business agility means strong visualization of your data combined with instant notifications when data changes .
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Quality is key to every organization, from the quality of the employees to the services or products. Data quality is just as important. 


Manufacture Intelligently

Take full advantage of your hard work.

With TARGIT, you can set up proactive warnings for when KPIs threaten to drift outside of predefined “safe” ranges. Read about five quality KPIs you should know, and how to measure them.
Cut Inventory
Follow inventory turn rates and identify items that aren’t moving. Find the right order size and frequency.
Cut non-value-adding activities
Identify non-value-adding activities. Change the process, and monitor the results. 
Improve Service
Improve the service of your entire channel by sharing information both up and downstream through reports or a portal. It’s your choice. 
Monitor Delivery
Get notified when a vendor doesn’t meet their delivery rate, and check if it’s a reoccurring problem. Then take action. 
Secure cash flow
Set the right payment terms by your debtor history and monitor the ones that disrupt your sleep. 

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"TARGIT has helped us predict our coming budgets far more accurately, and it’s allowed us to better prepare our sales force to understand our customer base and their needs before they even understand they have needs."


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