Business Intelligence in Services

Services-focused businesses manage massive amounts of information, from contractors to suppliers to employees to customers. Every service generates a new record, and every new record is an opportunity to learn more about how to make your business more efficient and successful.

What used to take days to complete now takes a few seconds.”

Nigel Wimpenny, South Lakeland Parks

Services analytics for the whole labor force

Contractors in the loop

Business intelligence and analytics for services companies is useful not only to the executives making the big decisions, but also to the individual contractors and field teams providing the services at the customer/client level. It’s valuable to the folks at the service level as they can use analyses to benchmark their performance against other service teams, or access customer information while performing the service to ensure that the project moves along according to plan.

Headquarters in the loop

Le società che erogano servizi non iniziano e finiscono il loro lavoro semplicemente siglando accordi con gli appaltatori. I manager devono pensare in grande ed assicurarsi che tutti nel team si stiano muovendo nella stessa direzione puntando dritto agli obiettivi. Usando le analisi per scoprire correlazioni e congiunzioni di alcuni servizi con altri, su base geografica o nel tempo. I manager della sede centrale possono in qeusto modo confrantare report e analisi di vari appaltatori e sub-appaltatori per trasformare il proprio business in un business di successo.

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Measure what you want

The most effective way for service-focused businesses to get ahead with business intelligence is to consider what steps they can take to becoming a data-driven organization. One of the earliest steps in that process is to identify what needs to be measured to learn about the business. Is it the duration of each project your service providers complete? Customer satisfaction rates? Revenue per hour? Business intelligence allows you to track anything you want. 

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One solution for many problems

Business intelligence and analytics software can solve or prevent many of the challenges that service-focused businesses experience regularly:

  • Predict the future with service contract pattern analyses.
  • Benchmark one subcontractor against another with service efficiency analyses.
  • Review material supplies for each contractor with supply chain analyses.
  • Examine the relationships you have with your customers and prospects with social analytics.

Learn from your data

Another step in the process to becoming a data-driven organization is to learn from all of the data the business processes regularly. And that means to do it on your terms. Configuring regularly-scheduled reports and analyses is a great first step, but running analytics on an as-needed basis puts insight in your control. Answer questions when they pop up, rather than waiting for the next reporting cycle.

With just a few clicks, we can uncover each customer’s needs in an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Henrik Pedersen, Den Jyske Sparekasse

Analysis with
services dashboards

Create and display automatically updated dashboards to motivate employees and contractors. Highlight the most important metrics in your organization, from engagement efficiency analyses to time spent per call to revenue produced per contractor. Dashboards make it easy to create analyses to oversee everything in your organization and share key metrics with the people who contribute to them as a self-benchmarking exercise.

The tech behind the magic

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