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abril 25, 2013

One of the chief goals of the TARGIT team, when we’re fine-tuning and developing our solution, is to make it as easy and accessible as possible for the people that use the software on a daily basis.

There’s so much that a well-built business intelligence and analytics solution can do for a business, and we want to be sure that everybody in an organization who can find value in it is able to do so.

A big part of that is making the software itself more intelligent. We’ve designed it to work the way you do, incorporating social media as a barometer of who is talking about what, when and why. We added speech and natural language recognition, so you can ask it in your own words about the information you need, and TARGIT will instantly provide you with the analysis you’re looking for. We developed XBone and TimeLiner to let you create new reports and analyses on-the-fly and look at your data’s evolution over time across several metrics.

But it’s not enough to just make the software smart. You also have to trust the software to be smart when the time comes.

Take visualizations for example. At a recent demonstration of TARGIT that I gave at the Microsoft Convergence conference, I used the TimeLiner to show off something that I noticed in the demo data set that nobody had seen before. When comparing the sample data using revenue and profit metrics and geography, and then animating it to show consistency over time, you could clearly see that two markets were steady in their sales figures, while another was all over the place.

The moral of the story is that visualizations can be very useful when used effectively. But I also caution people to use them wisely. It would have been almost impossible to see that pattern based on the static visualizations, but when it was animated, it became clear that there was something more there. Don’t let your eyes deceive you; let the electronic brain of a computer come to your aid.

If we use computers’ intelligence to gather and process massive amounts of data, can we not also use them to help interpret that data for us? Let TARGIT tell you what you need to know; let the computer do the heavy lifting. That’s what it’s there for, to make your life easier.

We’ve made TARGIT as intuitive as possible to allow businesses to take full advantage of the power and decision-aiding capabilities of business intelligence and analytics. But the final step is always with the user. Do you have the courage to let the software help you make that decision, and do you have the courage to act on it?

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Dr. Morten Middelfart

Founder and Chairman of Social Quant
I've been working professionally in the software industry since I was 14 years old, and my passion for computers has never stopped growing. Today, I'm deeply involved in educational activities that advocate my research within business intelligence and analytics. By the time I was 25, I had established Morton Systems, my first business intelligence and analytics c..
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