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agosto 13, 2013

The Fourth of July was a great day for many of us. I’m sure that people in the States were happy to celebrate Independence Day once again, but for us BI-fanatics there were much more important things at play. The world was introduced to the release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2013. A major release, and an important upgrade from TARGIT.
I’ve been working with TARGIT for about nine years now, and I’ve even been honored for my skills with the title “TARGIT Professional of the Year” – though this was back in 2007. I’ve seen all of the versions since 2K5, and have worked with all of the new features since then. But I must admit, the release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2013 is by far the most important and most complete. Let me elaborate why in six simple spotlights:

  1. Gorgeous interface
    The new TARGIT Decision Suite has a beautiful interface that makes me want to make Business Intelligence right away. I can even customize it so it fits my preferences in color. Making an interface that people actually want to use is important. With the consumerization of technology, our business applications needs to step up and make us want to use them. I want to use TARGIT.

  2. Just ask TARGIT
    TARGIT has always been known for its ease of use. In Decision Suite 2013 I can just ask TARGIT to find business answers for me by typing in “layman’s terms.” You don’t have to be a technology wiz to find the answers you need. The new Intelligent Wizard works just as I expect it. I type “Analyze salesperson profit over last five years” and I’m presented with a beautiful analysis of my sales. This will definitely help more people and business users find valuable insights in their data. 

  3. Improved data visualization
    A lot of BI tools are filled with visualization features that do more harm than good. Think of 3-D effects, gauges, and redundant use of background images. TARGIT has looked into the best practices of data visualization and improved quite a lot on this topic. The use of pie charts has been reduced to a minimum, and they are no longer standard when a dimension holds more than three members. Taking data visualization serious is protecting and maximizing the investment you do in BI. Don’t hide all the insights in you data by presenting it in endless use of cross tables. Data visualization is the last filter between your business case and the users. If you fail here, you’ll fail fast.

  4. App approach
    Users love apps. TARGIT has seen this trend as well and introduced an app platform that separates our traditional apps from the new, interesting apps that might have a niche user base into their own app. It’s a smart move, since these applications can be tailored to their exact audience. One of the new apps is the TimeLiner, in which data collected over time can be visualized and analyzed in a new and beautiful way. And with integration of social and Google data, businesses can gain even more insights about their online presence.

  5. Ad-Hoc analysis with Xbone
    Decision Suite has a new server app called Xbone. This gives the users the power to quickly analyze their own datasets without the need to go through the central TARGIT server. By the use of in-memory technology, business users can gain insights via ad-hoc analysis. This trend has been seen in a lot of data discovery tools, and once again TARGIT sets the ease of use in focus. Working with Xbone is as easy as using the TARGIT suite.

  6. Still the same
    The last great thing about TARGIT Decision Suite is that much of the application is still the same. The same functionality that made TARGIT the BI tool that business users love to use is still the core of TARGIT Decision Suite 2013. Simplicity is what makes TARGIT a great application. The business user can focus on solving the question they were set out to do, and let TARGIT do the complicated stuff.  So even for an experienced TARGIT user, it still feels the same.
Though the release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2013 was a major event, TARGIT still needs to step up in the bloody battle of the BI tools. We see a movement and increasing need for integrating Big Data and cloud technology like Hadoop and Google BigQuery. Users are also looking for complete cloud solutions, where no on-premise software is needed. It will be interesting to see where TARGIT is going on these topics in the months and years to come.

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By Guest blogger Jens-Jacob Aarup, partner at Inspari

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