It's a pirate's life for TARGIT

janeiro 22, 2014

There’s an ocean of data out there. Using the data outside of your data warehouse that’s relevant for your business is a tedious, time consuming, and often an impossible task without the help of IT.

That’s why we developed TARGIT Xbone. With Xbone, you can analyze the complex data that lives outside your data warehouse, without the need to ever get the IT department involved. All you have to do is drag and drop your spreadsheet into the Xbone folder and – voilà – you'll be analyzing that data in seconds.

But what’s with the name Xbone (pronounced cross-bone)? Well, unless you’re a Fortune 500 Company, or say, Google, you can’t host everything on your servers and you can’t download the whole internet. But with Xbone, you can get in, take what you need, and get out quickly. Sounds a bit like a pirate to us! In Tampa, where one of our U.S. offices is based, we celebrate the family friendly pirate life with annual festivals such as the Gasparilla Pirate Fest. So in a bit of TARGIT office fun, we took inspiration from the ol’ skull and crossbones from the infamous pirate flag and made Xbone our own.

Xbone deals with the challenge of big data by plucking only the external data that you want and analyzing it fast. It’s made to be agile, easy, and a rapid way to grab data and figure out what works and what doesn’t for your current data discovery and analytical purposes.

This is how the “Less Fortune 500” businesses “do” big data. We’re making your current hardware infinitely more valuable by introducing this revolutionary software. Because if you don’t have the brute force of thousands of servers behind you, you need agility.

This is yet another example of how TARGIT works in tandem with the human mind and ability to adapt. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, at TARGIT, we’re constantly seeking to apply the human brain to the big data problem. That’s where you – the user – make the decision in telling Xbone which data to grab and which to ignore.

When the computer is doing what the computer thinks will work in relation to big data, it’s using a massive amount of resources to sift through an almost infinite amount of data. But when the human user intelligently and inspirationally guides the computer, the computer can do the rest in milliseconds.

In other words, you direct the computer to grab a part of the big data, not all big data. The human brain figures out what’s relevant in relation to your particular brand so you can set parameters in the same way a scientist starts an experiment based off of some background knowledge to reveal a greater currently unknown knowledge. Then Xbone applies tremendous computing power to that particular problem, collecting data from internal and external data sources to quickly load them in-memory and start analyzing. The beauty is in Xbone’s ability to combine that human agility with raw computing power.

Get in, get what you need, get out. Drag, drop, analyze – all in just a few clicks. At TARGIT, we think that’s a whole lot of fun. And as Steve Jobs said, “it’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy.” It’s a pirate’s life for us.

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Dr. Morten Middelfart

Founder and Chairman of Social Quant
I've been working professionally in the software industry since I was 14 years old, and my passion for computers has never stopped growing. Today, I'm deeply involved in educational activities that advocate my research within business intelligence and analytics. By the time I was 25, I had established Morton Systems, my first business intelligence and analytics c..
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