Data Truth or Dare: "Drill Down"

abril 18, 2014

Drill down: Is it the act of focusing on specific data OR data mining on a server? 

Welcome to another exciting game of Data Truth or Dare. This week’s question is about the term "drill down." Sounds simple enough, but do you know what it actually means?

Data truth: Drilling down allows you to visualize detailed data in just a few clicks.

A drill-down is a component of OLAP analysis. The term drill down refers to the process of moving from less detailed information to more specific data. In TARGIT, this is a very simple operation, and you can drill down by clicking the objects that are available in your analyses.

There's a reason the TARGIT Decision Suite is unmatched in ease-of-use. You can go directly from your dashboard to a comprehensive analysis in just a few clicks. Drill down on specific numbers to instantly reveal the "why" behind them. Keep drilling until you have your answer.

See that sales have dropped in a particular country? Click down to state, city, store location, salesperson, and even item to see where the problem lies. Getting down to the very granular level to instantly reveal details about the challenge at hand, and have the answers you need to take action faster than ever before.

Keep your BI vocabulary sharp with our ongoing Data Truth or Dare series here on the blog.

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