Get a BA in BI

abril 24, 2014

It’s a brutal job market out there. Get a leg up with TARGIT.

As they enter a job market that's more competitive than ever, students around the world are first getting a leg up on the competition thanks to an exciting new program from TARGIT. We offer a free academic license for our best-in-class TARGIT Decision Suite to students and universities so the next generation of business decision makers are experienced in the power of comprehensive data discovery and business analytics before even entering the job market.

As every business student knows, analyzing complex data is difficult and time consuming, but gaining enough experience and skills with analytics tools is expensive. That's why we're making it a little bit easier for students to get the high quality software they need at a price you can afford (ahem ... free!) to help them with their studies. We're helping students around the world graduate with a deep understanding of how to use the tools you need to responsibly and intelligently run a business. It's like a free BA in BI. And it's cheaper than a cup of ramen.

And that's a big help. There are a number of us here at TARGIT today, including myself, who studied in classes with the software at our university and were able to really dig into the program before even entering the business world. Getting my feet wet as a TARGIT intern also certainly didn't hurt. No wonder I was such a catch for the TARGIT office when I was applying for post-graduate jobs ;) But even if I hadn't landed here, I still graduated with a thorough understanding of the importance of Business Intelligence in shaping the decision-making process, and how to expertly use the software to make my own analyses and data discoveries. I put that into practice every day here as a TARGIT Lab Manager. And that's exactly why creating a free student license was a priority for me now as a TARGIT employee. I want students around the world to be able to master this software and take the skills they acquire in the academic setting with them into the job market. 

TARGIT is already offered as a class in multiple universities, and hundreds of students have taken advantage of the free licensing offer around the world to instantly analyze and their own data with the world's easiest and most intuitive user interface. 

At TARGIT, we believe in the future and today's students have a part in shaping that future. You'll soon be competing with so many other qualified and educated individuals for that coveted job opening, and that's where your analytical skills and knowledge of tools will be put on trial. TARGIT has a wide variety of customers who need those skills -- and so do we. Decision making is a highly valued skill, no matter the industry students are planning on entering.

You can download the free academic license today.

Steen Kjøng Paulsen

Lab Manager
I've learned from personal experience that data, when used correctly, can be your most trusted friend. However, just as reliable as data can be, it can be just as misleading if used incorrectly. Since my first encounter with computers as a child, I have been fascinated by the technologies of the Modern Age. Data especially has been a great passion of mine. In the rece..
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