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In an increasingly mobile world, do you have the tools you need to ensure your business keeps up?

Today's world is turning increasingly mobile. The average person is now spending 119 minutes per day on their cell phone. That includes checking email, social media, gaming, and texting on top of traditional phone use (you know … making phone calls).

In fact, doing a quick Google search (on my phone) pulls a plethora of studies stating that now half of unique email opens are done on the go. And that number continues to grow. That's a huge amount of business that is now being taken outside of the office. If you're sitting behind a desk all day, chances are whenever you're on the move, you're still connected to work in ways that didn't seem possible not long ago.

Today's workforce is fully immersed in the immediacy of the internet. We want data and we want it now. Businesses are adapting quickly to the mobile trend, but without the right tools, it's impossible to keep up. These days, mobile phone, email, and social media access aren't enough to keep up with today's increasingly global economy.

That's where mobile Business Intelligence (BI) comes in. Companies can now keep tabs on their Business Intelligence on the go. With the right mobile BI capabilities, you can get immediate access to reports and analyses from home, on vacation, in a cab on your way to your next big meeting, from the golf course, or on location with a client. Decision makers are empowered to make better decisions faster and share them with colleagues instantly and dynamically.

Nice, but why do you NEED it?

According to Gartner, over 90 percent of companies will support their applications on mobile devices in 2014. Without a doubt, we're living in the year of mobility. Even more telling, Gartner says that in just one more year, mobile application development projects will outnumber desktop projects by a ratio of 4:1.

With so much business being conducted anytime and anywhere, it's clear that the amount of time a decision maker has to make important decisions is decreasing. Business doesn't stop -- in fact, it doesn't even slow down -- to wait for you to catch up. Opportunities are made or lost in seconds.

Not only is the decision window shrinking, but the factors that go into decision-making are growing quantifiably. As we say all the time at TARGIT, "Big Data" is … well … big. And you can't get your arms around it by yourself. A full-service Business Intelligence solution can do it for you.

Plus, mobilizing your Business Intelligence and Analytics doesn't just make staying on top of data on the go a possibility. Mobile BI is transforming the process of performance monitoring and strategic planning.

A company's Key Performance Indicators must be measured and monitored daily and, whenever possible, in real time. This simply isn't possible with the traditional spreadsheet process that often takes multiple days to pull a single report. If a deviation occurs, it could take days or even weeks before it's noticed and action is taken to correct it.

Mobile Business Intelligence breaks away from the spreadsheets entirely and instead delivers a rich platform directly to your hands. Reports and analyses can be pulled with as little as one click and a few seconds. And thanks to tools like notification agents, you can sit back and let the system monitor all the data incoming from the ERP system and notify you directly on your mobile device if action needs to be taken. Strategic direction can be adapted to current conditions. Take a look at what some of that looks like with TARGIT on all of your favorite mobile devices

The effort to extend Business Intelligence across the enterprise, including to mobile devices, also reduces the risk of differing information spreading throughout the company. With traditional report generation, in which individual users manipulate data differently for their own purposes, it becomes challenging to maintain a consistent shared world view across the company. This risk is especially apparent when those reports are generated in Excel and manipulations live only in an individual's own files. These might then be shared through paper reports, word of mouth, emails, or via the company network, causing further fragmentation and loss of control of data consistency.

Broad adoption of standardized Business Intelligence for mobile devices can yield unexpected benefits, too. In addition to assured consistency, mobile BI is the springboard for executing collaboration on goals and ambitions. Aligning organizational strategy has long been one of the greatest challenges for managers. With mobile BI, employees, senior management, board members, and any other key stakeholders can get instant access to performance goals, KPIs, and results.

It's clear that mobility isn't just a trend. It's here to stay and it's not going to stop growing anytime soon. According to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, decision makers in organizations that utilize mobile Business Intelligence are able to make decisions in a third of the time that it takes those who don't have access to mobile BI.

With a shrinking decision window, those without mobile BI soon won't be able to keep up. Don't ever be the last to know.

Dr. Morten Middelfart

Founder and Chairman of Social Quant
I've been working professionally in the software industry since I was 14 years old, and my passion for computers has never stopped growing. Today, I'm deeply involved in educational activities that advocate my research within business intelligence and analytics. By the time I was 25, I had established Morton Systems, my first business intelligence and analytics c..
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