How Much Money is Spent on Halloween Candy? (And Other Pressing Questions We Just Had to Know)

outubro 29, 2014

We've been practicing our chocolate binge eating skills for months. We're ready.

Chatting over the TARGIT candy bowl recently, some of us in the office got to wondering about how much national candy sales increase during the time leading up to Halloween. An easy question to answer when you have access to the TARGIT Decision Suite. 

And thanks to new Data Discovery with Data Service tool in the Decision Suite 2014, we fell down the proverbial Halloween rabbit hole when wondering just how much people enjoy Halloween each year in relation to costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating. 

Now, the new TARGIT Anywhere Client lets us show you what we found interactively, and we thought you'd enjoy these answers to the most pressing Halloween questions as much as we did. How did I interpret the data? Well, it seems like while everyone likes to dress up and have a good time, more women throughout the years take the kids trick-or-treating and more men spend their Halloween throwing and going to parties. We see where your priorities are, guys!

In this dashboard you can:

  • Click on any gauge for a more detailed view of the Halloween-related behavior of men versus women each year in terms of spending and activities.
  • Click on any year to see what the numbers were for that particular year.
  • Click on the pumpkins to see exactly which countries produce more pumpkins each year than the population and the difference in weight.
  • See the worst and best years for Halloween spending and fun (turns out the recession even hit Halloween. Yikes!).
  • And more ...

Go ahead and click your way through the bar graph and watch the gauges change based on the data recorded for that particular year. When you want to get back to the original dashboard, just click "Get me back home." For a bigger view, open in a full window.

All data taken from the National Retail Federation via Statista with TARGIT Data Service.

It's so cool it's scary. 

Like what you see here? You can download the complete set of gauges we've created for this post and use them in your own TARGIT projects. All the treats without the tricks. Happy Halloween from TARGIT!

David Hollinsworth

Senior BI Consultant
During my journey as Business Intelligence consultant, I have experienced my fair share of BI tools. Nevertheless, it was not until my first meeting with TARGIT that I truly found my calling. My first impression of TARGIT Business Intelligence was, "it can't be this easy to create good looking and powerful analytics." You could say that it was love at first sight. As..
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