TARGIT Grabs No. 1 Spot in Three BARC Survey 14 Categories

novembro 06, 2014

TARGIT Decision Suite noted as best in single, centralized BI for all business users across the enterprise.
There are many analyst companies out there. While some rely on their in-house experts to determine the cream of the crop of products, others turn to those who utilize those products every day: the users. BARC is one of the esteemed later. And as one of the world's leading analyzing companies for data management, business intelligence, and enterprise content management, it's no wonder we wait with bated breath each year for the results of the BARC BI Survey.

The BARC BI Survey is based on findings from the world's largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users. Of the market's leading 34 products that were analyzed in detail, TARGIT was a leading vendor in all 12 categories and ranked No. 1 in the world for three categories: OLAP analysis vendor in big data analytics, ad-hoc reporting vendor in data discovery/visualization, and visual discovery vendor in implementer support.


We were pretty pleased with how we fared last year, and this year's results were even better. According to the survey, TARGIT compares well with competitive offerings, and, significantly, tops market leaders such as Tableau and Qlik in the visual discovery area.

According to Carsten Bange, BARC CEO and Founder, "this is an important feature that is increasingly being sought by enterprises seeking more effective ways for decision makers to absorb and act on data. TARGIT's interface is built to render easy-to-use graphics and data visualization to communication analytical insights."

TARGIT is also a leading vendor in every BARC category related to big data analysis, mobile BI, and self-service capabilities, with customers reporting the product's evolution and adaptation to enterprise requirements in today's changing business environment. TARGIT continues to move forward with its product redesign with even more significant improvements to the Decision Suite 2014 compared to the 2013 version.

The survey states: "Customers are increasingly turning to TARGIT for its mobile BI offerings. In terms of its OLAP tool, the company's stock has risen from ninth ranked in the 2012 survey to second place today. TARGIT's product suite is quite innovative in this category."

"The BARC user survey confirms what we've been working so hard to produce with the latest versions of the Decision Suite," says TARGIT CEO, Morten Sandlykke. "We're always working to improve our solution based on our customers' specific pain points, with the end goal of breaking down silos and finding better, easier ways to distribute information throughout the entire organization. By focusing on what's most important to the market and our customers, and the fact that we're most valued for big data analysis, collaboration, and operational BI tells me we've hit the nail on the head in 2014."

The BARC survey is based on 3,224 responses. This year, 20 percent of TARGIT customer respondents classified themselves as TARGIT power users, while the remaining 80 percent were casual users. TARGIT Customers were operating Decision Suite version 2013 or older.

We've made the full survey available to you so you can see it all for yourself. Download the survey today.

Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

Content Marketing Manager
A professional writer, communicator, and marketer by trade, I'm fascinated by the way data - and in particular big data - is changing the way companies do business. As Content Marketing Manager for TARGIT I tackle this topic and many others in my mission to expand TARGIT's footprint and show the world exactly what it means when you have TARGIT in your tool box. I..
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