What is the 2014 Thanksgiving travel forecast?

novembro 26, 2014

In other words: How much holiday traffic are you about to sit through?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday travel season! *cough* Sarcasm. *cough*

Every year in the United States, the days leading up to Thanksgiving are the busiest travel days of the year, all culminating today. The day before Thanksgiving has long been feared by anyone and everyone who has to take to the roads to get to family for that yearly celebration of all things turkey and thankfulness. Because before tables are set and thanks are given, you have to get there. Everyone has a story of delayed flights, long idle hours spent in airports, cranky fellow passengers, and traffic jams long enough to make your bottom numb.

As we often do at TARGIT, we had some questions about travel the day before Thanksgiving. Exactly how many people will be waiting in line with at airport security check points fantasizing about stuffing? How many other cars are going to be on the road standing between you and your mother's pumpkin pie? And how far is the average person traveling to get to that glorious cooked turkey? In other words: just how bad is this travel about to be?

Thanks to a little ad-hoc big data-pulling from AAA, I was able to whip up this TARGIT Dashboard to show you quickly and simply what you're stacked up against as you hit the road this year. I've got bad news for you. Today is slated to be the busiest holiday travel day since 2007. And I'm sure the snow we're experiencing on the east coast isn't making things any easier! On the plus side, you're traveling less miles and paying less for the gas to get your there. I'll tell you right now though, I'm thankful that I'm not leaving Boston this year. 


And since you've just saved precious time by being able to take in the most important travel information in a matter of just a few seconds, you can use that extra time on the road. What are you waiting for? Thanksgiving is waiting for you!

Safe travels and happy Thanksgiving from everyone at TARGIT!

Luis Fleitas

Lead Generation Manager at Carbonite
An Industrial Engineer with a passion for Marketing.  I enjoy understanding manufacturing and supply chain processes and ways of improving them through better data mining and analysis, ultimately finding those insights that could take businesses to the next level. I have extensive experience with TARGIT Decision Suite, and a passion for a data-driven way of life...
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