Cross Jeans Gains Access to Data They Trust with TARGIT's Business Intelligence Platform

maio 13, 2015

More efficient reporting, improved data quality, and user-friendly BI tools improve Cross Jeans' business processes. 

Cross Jeans is a Turkish clothing company known internationally for their denim collection, with multiple locations in Poland, Germany, and Czech Republic. Following a period of explosive growth of subsidiaries, the company struggled with the amount of data requirements now putting stress on the company’s existing IT systems and reporting tools.

Company branches in Poland and Germany implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV to help them store and organize Cross Jeans data. It did not take long, though, before the initial implementation plan was stalled. As an ERP tool, it become clear that NAV alone could not fulfill the reporting requirements the company needed to get a comprehensive view of the business.

The Polish subsidiary in particular was struggling in providing reports to headquarters following a complete location reorganization that affected their 500 Polish stores. It became clear that Cross Jeans needed a complete analytics and business intelligence platform that could span the entire company globally and work seamlessly with their existing NAV ERP environment.

The impossible reporting process

Generating reports was a time consuming and meticulous process that only one analyst in the IT department was tasked to complete. Because data was pulled from multiple sources, data had to be standardized for every report. That meant the same item was stored in the system under different numbers in different data warehouses.

With an increasing number of employees who needed access to data, Excel became the go-to system for sharing information. At one point, the Cross Jeans reporting environment consisted of almost 1,000 different Excel spreadsheets. Not only did this system suffer from major bottlenecks, but it was static, prone to human error, and lacked the ability to get to the causes behind the numbers.

With different people making adjustments to different spreadsheets, there were many different versions of the truth. If a number was changed in one spreadsheet, it then had to be changed by hand in to all of the hundreds of others. Inconsistencies were a given, so the Cross Jeans board and executives could never make decisions with complete confidence. 

Employees who needed reports didn’t understand the report generation process, and the company analyst did not have insight into which business areas reports were being generated for. This resulted in information overload.

And then came TARGIT's business intelligence platform  

TARGIT partner IT.integro introduced Cross Jeans to TARGIT as a cohesive, comprehensive analytics and business intelligence platform that could solve all of their company pain points, without the spiraling costs that are often associated with BI project implementation.

IT.integro rolled out TARGIT for both the Polish and German subsidiaries to give the company insight into over 1,500 retail locations. Since implementing TARGIT on top of the Dynamics NAV ERP system, creating reports is a task that can be done instantly without the need for IT thanks to TARGIT’s user-friendly interface. Not only has this eliminated the bottlenecks, but employees are confident in the quality of data that is delivered each day in reports and analyses.

Cross Jeans business intelligence platform

Every morning a report on the previous day’s sales information is automatically generated and delivered via email to executives at Cross Jeans headquarters. These reports give insight into sales by location and brand; financial results such as net sales volume, average price, gross profit, and more; assortment; and discounts.

Employees can drill down into the numbers to see how the numbers stack up to last week, last month, or last year. Company decision makers also have reports designed to give insight into sales against costs, so they can create net profit analyses in just a few clicks. Cross Jeans not only uses TARGIT to monitor sales results, but the company has also rolled out the solution to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

“It can be said that such an agile and flexible tool as TARGIT enables our sales department to keep working constantly on the move, regardless of changes, with spontaneity of the clothes industry,” says Przemyslaw Madejski, Project Manager at Cross Jeans. “It is possible as all decision-critical data is available at once.”

The entire reporting process has been set free from IT, empowering employees to generate their own reports and analyses whenever they need them. This successful user adoption incentivizes employees and produces an overall feeling of responsibility for company success.

Implementing TARGIT Decision Suite has also improved the performance of Cross Jeans’ existing SQL database. In the past, the daily load of queries that needed to be processed put tremendous strain on the system. Each time the analyst retrieved data for reporting purposes, the IT department would receive phone calls from stores that were not able to issue receipts or from the warehouse unable to process all operations.

Today, data is pulled from OLAP cubes that IT.integro designed specifically for Cross Jeans’ needs. The cubes are automatically updated each night, and the SQL database never experiences slow or overloaded performance.

Cross Jeans employees have regained confidence in their data. With the days of cumbersome Excel reporting gone, decision makers know they are looking at the most accurate, up-to-date data available. Managers and board members can now make decisions with confidence, knowing they have the right data backing up every decision. Cross Jeans has truly found the courage to act.

In their own words …

“Before TARGIT was implemented, we used to wait several hours and even the whole day sometimes [for a report.] Additionally, when a new report is created, some experimenting is always necessary. Only when the requesting person receives a data set, he or she is able to realize what they wanted in the first place, so in the past, even more time was required to prepare a final report. Today TARGIT offers unlimited experimenting capabilities for analysis results. It is due to the fact that it is no longer the analysts but all users who generate the reports themselves.
Reports are created only within two to four seconds. Therefore, it is possible to trace the results of changes made in real time.”

Przemyslaw Madejski, Project Manager at Cross Jeans

“The project in Poland was very successful. Not only were the planned objectives fulfilled, but also a variety of benefits beyond the scope of reporting were achieved. Data structuring and standardization in the Cross Jeans Group is one of such benefits. Combining OLAP cubes, which were designed for Cross Jeans, and TARGIT business intelligence was an important task. Users started from department managers, through the company board in Poland to the Turkish owners of the Cross Jeans Group. [They all] obtained fast access to data in a form of transparent reports and analyses. The company benefitted also from a variety of interfaces offered by TARGIT. The implementation of a mobile TARGIT client for iOs and Android devices is the next step for us to consider.”

Jakub Abram, Project Manager at IT.integro

You can see real-life reports, hear more from Cross Jeans and IT.integro employees, and get even more information about Cross Jeans' experience with TARGIT on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV blog.


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