The 5 most popular TARGIT blog posts of 2015

dezembro 23, 2015

A yearly roundup of your favorite topics in the world of BI and analytics for 2015.

1. Bimodal BI: not just a buzzword

Business intelligence must encompass both traditional BI and new innovation.
As the technology behind business intelligence and analytics continues to evolve, it seems every year there are new buzzwords hyped as crucial to any type of BI project success.

Data discovery, data governance, big data, Internet of Things. I hear them a lot at the Gartner conferences that I attend each year to learn from the leaders of our industry, and I bring those lessons and inspiration home with me to TARGIT 

BI jargon aside, the success or failure of any BI project ultimately depends the accessibility of critical data to those who need it – and only those who need it. BI must cater to the dual demands of IT and BI business users. A truly data-driven organization has set data free to decision-makers throughout the organization. But robust data governance is needed to ensure data is only ever seen by those who are meant to see it and that the data is clean, accurate, and up-to-date.

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bimodal BI

2. 10 Best Practices to Maximize the Value of your BI Project

Motivate your team to get the most out of your solution with these important BI best practices.
Maximizing the value of your BI project relies heavily in usability and user adoption. One cannot go far without the other. And both together lead to fast and lasting ROI. These BI best practices will help you design a business intelligence solution that works for everyone in your company, in every department.

Read the 10 best practices here.

best BI practices

3. TARGIT Tutorial: TARGIT for Google Analytics (SSIS)

A How To guide for downloading your Google Analytics data into your SQL Server database. 
Have you been looking for a way to download your Google Analytics data into your SQL Server database? Are you using Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012 or 2014? Do you have skills in SQL Server Integration Services? Then I'm here to help you!

TARGIT has recently released a new version of the Google Analytics SSIS Data Reader and Connection Manger used with TARGIT BI Accelerator for Google Analytics. TARGIT BIA for Google Analytics gives you insight into the valuable sweet spot at the intersection between your current ERP or CRM data and the data harnessed from your website. You can integrate and analyze web data alongside your current company data at the click of the button.

Don't have TARGIT for Google Analytics? You can give it a test drive in this free trial.

Or you can download the TARGIT Data Reader for Google Analytics for free.

Read the guide here.

Google Analytics

4. Data governance: the right balance for a bimodal strategy

Data governance is a must for a successful BI strategy. But how do you ensure it’s a boon, not a bother?

We’ve recently been talking a lot about data governance at TARGIT. For years, we’ve been preaching the need to set data free to employees in every role throughout the organization. To do so properly and securely, companies need strong data governance, which is why the latest version of TARGIT Decision Suite has the most robust data governance capabilities ever.

In many companies, their version of data governance is an IT gatekeeper. And the way I see it, this traditional way of handling data governance—centralized, strict, and secure—is still valid for enterprise multidimensional data warehouses.

 But it isn’t right for every organization. It’s inefficient, riddled with unavoidable bottlenecks, and stymies experimentation. In order to promote innovation and experimentation among teams, a new way of handling data governance is needed. A de-centralized, relaxed, creative data governance strategy is necessary for any type of ad-hoc data discovery.

Read the full post here.

Data Governance

5. Top six BI and analytics trends for 2016

TARGIT’s predictions for the new and growing trends in the world of business intelligence and analytics in the coming year.

Around this time every year I like to take a look at how far the business intelligence and analytics industry has come in the past year and how well TARGIT has done in predicting, keeping up with, and in many cases surpassing evolving industry trends and standards. Towards the end of 2014, I predicted 2015 would see an increase in data governance, a rise in embedded BI, simplified data visualizations, and increased data experimentation. And if the popularity of Decision Suite 2015 in the market is telling, I’d say I was right on the money.

While I predict some trends, such as increased data governance, will continue to grow, I see a few new shifts in the BI and analytics market taking center stage in 2016.

Want a copy of this to hold on to? Download the PDF version.

Or read the full post here.

2016 BI trends

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