TARGIT Decision Suite 2017: A Message from our Founder & CEO

novembro 02, 2016

It’s been an exciting week at TARGIT. We’ve been ringing in 2017 a little early with the launch of what many are calling our biggest Decision Suite update ever. As you may have read in our most recent blog post, it seems like everyone has their own favorite new feature or feature update. But for me, choosing the one feature that I’m most excited about would be like choosing which of my kids is my favorite. Impossible.

Decision Suite 2017 feels bigger than a favorite single feature. Rather, I’m incredibly proud of the big picture of this software update. What excites me the most is the greatly enhanced overall performance of the platform. With Decision Suite 2017, our customers throughout entire organizations can perform real-time analyses of the tremendous amounts of data available to them. This isn’t just about a select few users; this is about actionable insight for all.

This goes hand in hand with our mission of enabling entire organizations to be data-driven. It sets data free, making it available to anyone in the organization so they can make data-driven decisions. I’m talking about going from observation to action faster than ever. And it further strengthens TARGIT’s goal of a single platform for every BI need—from reporting, dashboards, and great looking data visualizations to real-time data discovery, analytics, and cloud-based capabilities. This is a product embodiment of bimodal BI: a single tool for the business person and the data scientist that makes everyone happy.

Last week’s release of Decision Suite 2017 also feels perfectly timed with the BARC’s recent release of our results in their BI Survey 16. You can read about TARGIT’s many high marks and number one rankings in the official press release, but what stands out most to me is that overall TARGIT users are happier and more satisfied than customers of any of our competitors in the market. That’s really saying something.

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