Plantorama Sets Data Free with TARGIT

agosto 23, 2017

Plantorama had a decision-making problem. Denmark’s largest home, garden, and animal center chain had a wealth of experience employees used to make decisions. But those decisions couldn’t be backed up with data.

The company wanted to arm employees with analytics, but needed a user-friendly tool that everyone could wrap their heads around including gardeners, animal keepers, and horticulturalists who didn’t have time to learn a complicated system or interrupt their workday flow to add another process.

TARGIT partner Norriq knew that TARGIT Decision Suite was the solution they were looking for. With TARGIT Decision Suite, even those with minimal experience with IT were able to quickly get on board and get access to new insights. As a result, today the organization as a whole makes faster and better business decisions.

Plantorama employees know instantly whether goods are in stock or available in the warehouse, which helps them improve customer service and more quickly make sales. The company uses storyboards throughout the organization to display the most important metrics for all to see in user-friendly dashboards, helping to further disseminate information.

Users can easily create their own analyses, and drill down into the details to find answers to their questions. And automatic reports make it quick and simple to distribute reports to employees and external suppliers. Armed with increased knowledge, suppliers are now able to serve Plantorama even better.

Watch the video below and see more TARGIT success stories here.

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