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Soren Block Olsen

Søren Block Olsen

Marketing Operations Manager

In today’s world, everything we do leaves a data trail, whether we like it or not. 

Designing processes and systems to collect and turn that data into useful information that supports our business is what I do every day. I thrive on being where IT meets business, surrounded by people who are curious about the world and embrace changes because they simply don't believe status quo is good enough.

Working with marketing systems lets me be in the center of this, and it gives me a first-hand insight into customer and market behavior. As such, TARGIT Business Intelligence & Analytics becomes the center of my day. It's my one place to go for information, and when it comes down to the decisions, I don't trust anyone that doesn't bring data to the table. 

I'm looking forward to sharing how I see data change the world we live in. I'll be exploring data at a higher level, where it becomes a key parameter in formulating business strategy and direction of an organization. I'll also be taking deep dives down to the details where I'll show hands-on examples of how you can best tell the story hidden within your data, as well as some of the hidden secrets of getting much more out of your Business Intelligence solution.

Tell me something can't be done, and I will show you that you're wrong.

In my spare time, you can usually find me on the golf course.

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