Os usuários de Business intelligence preferem a TARGIT

setembro 27, 2010
A TARGIT agora pode se gabar de ser a ferramenta preferida entre os usuários de business intelligence. Isto é evidente na pesquisa anual de usuários de business intelligence, a BI Survey (9), que é realizado pela empresa de pesquisa independente a Business Application Research Center (BARC).

The survey shows that TARGIT has the highest competitive win rate, which means that in 84 percent of the cases where TARGIT is demonstrated, it will result in a sale.
”The survey shows that TARGIT is very popular with both the potential and existing users of the BI solution”, states Barney Finucane, leading analyst with BARC.
The BI company is also placed first when the survey participants were asked which of their business tools is most important to them.

”Of course, that makes us a happy and proud. It confirms that we are developing a great product, and we also see this in the continued growth”, says Morten Sandlykke, CEO of TARGIT.
In addition, TARGIT is enhanced for user-friendliness, which is a vital part of TARGIT’s product philosophy. In fact, more than 50 percent of TARGIT users cite ease of use for end-users. "And 38 percent of the more than 3000 survey participants mentioned user-friendliness as one of the most important factors that affects the purchasing decision. This may partially explain TARGIT's high win rate", says Barney Finucane.
TARGIT CTO Dr. Morten Middelfart is pleased: ”We have worked methodically with user-friendliness through a mindset of getting from an incident to proper action – in fewest clicks”.

The survey also shows that the implementation period is short and costs are low, TARGIT users want to purchase more licenses, has great ROI and supports multiple functions in an organization thanks to many features.

The survey result made prominent and respected media such as Forbes, CNBC, Daily Finance, Danish Nordjyske and many more.

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BI Trend Monitor 2020

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