Demanda de softwares de negócio no norte da Alemanha

outubro 15, 2010
A TARGIT pretende aumentar suas atividades no mercado alemão, através da criação de mais uma revenda na parte norte do país. A TARGIT já está representada na Alemanha, com os seus distribuidores DACH e b-Gmbh IMTEC. A principal razão para a criação de mais uma revenda é o crescimento das vendas de softwares de negócio.

“We made this decision together with TARGIT in order to meet the increasing demands in the current market situation”, explains b-imtec Managing Director Thomas Veit. “We will support the company’s Danish headquarter with knowledge of the DACH market to address the specific needs of the German speaking customers”.

Last year, TARGIT and b-imtec landed their largest order in Germany ever, when Hewlett-Packard Mid-Market Gmbh chose TARGIT’s business intelligence solution to handle the data of the German car industry. In fact, 750 German organizations are TARGIT customers, which is 20 percent of all TARGIT customers. Among them are big corporations such as Der Grüne Punkt, Jako and Wiesenhof.

”We would like an even closer relationship with our distributor and resellers in order to be even more visible in the large German market”, says VP of Sales at TARGIT headquarters Flemming Madsen. “And the customers should perceive TARGIT as one single strong team”.

While TARGIT’s headquarter will focus on Northern Germany, b-imtec will still concentrate on the other parts of the DACH area.

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