A TARGIT apresentará sua nova solução de nuvem aos usuários

março 14, 2011
Os clientes da TARGIT possuem agora a oportunidade de fazer suas análises de negócio na nuvem.

“Cloud technology gives you much more flexibility for uploading, analyzing and sharing your data”, says TARGIT’s CTO, Dr. Morten Middelfart. “And you don’t need additional memory for higher performance since everything is handled in the cloud”.

The motivation underlying TARGIT Cloud is to give analysts and controllers a tool for analyzing data much more dynamically than in a traditional data warehouse. This creates a sensible balance between the execution and follow-up offered by TARGIT’s Business Intelligence (BI) and the impulsive Analytics offered by TARGIT Cloud. Since Analytics and BI are integrated in the TARGIT BI Suite, the traditional risk of Analytics generating incoherent results across an organization is eliminated.

“Analytics data and results tend to be more ad-hoc, and the individual analysis is typically done once and then shared with any number of users. If it turns out that it needs to be done multiple times, then the analysis is migrated to become part of the Business Intelligence solution. In other words, you can say that TARGIT’s Analytics will continuously inspire the Business Intelligence that ensures swift execution and conformance to the goals set”, explains Dr. Middelfart. “Examples of such data could be surveys or fixed event budgets. I actually received a phone bill that didn’t correspond with reality. I put the data in TARGIT Cloud to clarify the problem and ended up getting reimbursed by the phone company”.

TARGIT Cloud is an add-on to TARGIT’s Business Intelligence solution, TARGIT BI Suite, and it enables you to share your data and analyses online and work on them with your colleagues. The add-on also allows you to share your data online with peers outside your organization.

TARGIT Cloud will be launched with the new 2K11 version of TARGIT BI Suite March 31.

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BI Trend Monitor 2020

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