Get started with TARGIT BI Accelerators today


Do it Yourself

Download your free 30-day trial and try TARGIT Decision Suite on your own data.  If you have access to your databases and want to install this on your own, this is the option for you. Download the Accelerator for your ERP systems and be up and running with TARGIT in hours.

Get Help

Get a personalized tour through TARGIT Decision Suite’s corporate BI and data visualization tools based on your data from one of our specialized consultants. We will help you install and configure the BI Accelerators so you get the best start possible for your unique BI needs.

Mais do que um Software

one tool
Uma ferramenta integrada

Uma plataforma única de decisão totalmente integrada

all sources
Todas as fontes de dados
Combine dados de toda a organização e muito mais
TODOS os tipos acesso
Acesse o TARGIT a partir do celular, tablet ou qualquer outro dispositivo

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